Thu, Nov 07, 2019

With the launch of our latest product—the Inuit, together with two new lens technologies—we have also let something go. That doesn't mean our assortment is getting smaller, we're just exchanging our previous XE-One goggles with our latest XE2 lenses. The name of the model changes from "XE-One" to "FLOAT" to give our upgrade it's very own identity. 

Same model. new XE2 technology.

The FLOAT comes with our latest XE2 lens, which is an improved version of the XE1 lens. The XE2 lens has two layers of high-quality, optical-grade polycarbonate, making the XE2 thin, light, and virtually impossible to crack.

The XE2 features a high-contrast lens, specially developed for skiing and mountain weather conditions. We have added contrast-enhancing dyes to fine-tune the light spectrum, thereby increasing color contrasts and reducing glare from sun and snow. The violet lens provides enhanced color recognition and eliminates white and blue light to make variations and cycles in the landscape appear more transparent. The XE2 lens proves advantageous when getting an overview of the shape of the ski slope and the cycles of the snow, enabling you to see and avoid any bumps and snowdrifts when skiing.

The high-contrast lens helps you see more clearly in difficult and foggy conditions, reducing eye strain and increasing comfort in otherwise obscure conditions. As you go down the piste at high speed, you will more easily be able to maneuver through, around, and out of bumps and jumps on the slopes, which the naked eye would usually overlook.


On the inside of the XE2 lens, we've used an anti-fog coating as well as a ventilation system, providing optimum fog prevention throughout the day.

On the outside, we've added nano-coating to make the lens scratch-resistant and added a clear super-hydrophobic and water-repellent coating that makes the XE2 easy to clean.

You can choose the FLOAT with either silver (mirrored) or green (Revo-mirror coating), the same coating NASA uses to protect their astronauts from harmful UV light. Our Revo-mirror coating filters harmful blue and white light rays, allowing in only the light that is beneficial to your view on the piste.


Revo coating is a polarization technology that protects you 100% from direct glare and reflections from, for example, water and snow. Revo coating's color grading is also a contrast enhancer for the eye when it eliminates glare and sharp reflections.

Last but not least, the XE2 has full UV400 protection (UVA + UVB). 

Easy and interchangeable look of the best quality

Perhaps you're already the happy owner of our previous XE-One goggles and know about the comfort and perfect fit of the goggles when you're rushing down the slope. Of course, we haven't removed those features with our new FLOAT ski goggle. The frame is manufactured in the flexible quality material called "thermoplastic polyurethane," which makes the FLOAT super durable and easy to wear.

Then we've added three layers of soft foam on the inside of the frame, protecting your beautiful face from the cold wind, making the FLOAT comfortable to wear for a full day in the snow.

The straps come in a new design, where you choose either black and or white anti-slip straps, with three lines of silicone to prevent the Float from gliding or slipping, so they'll stay where you want them to throughout the day.

Furthermore, we have produced limited-edition pro straps inspired by our hero and icon, Glen Plake—the freestyle god above them all—where you may sense the same '80s vibe as from our Kickstarter campaign. The straps can be replaced with just two clicks.



Extra gear for your ski trip

On bright days and in snowy weather, it's even more essential to able to see clearly. Therefore, together with your FLOAT ski goggles, you get an extra set of overcast lenses in yellow. The yellow overcast lens gives you better transparency and helps you see clearly when the weather is not.

Produced and tested by experts
The FLOAT has been tested in collaboration with MessyWeekend and professional freestyle ski athletes in the Alps.

Our manufacturer already produces ski goggles for two of the world's top five best ski goggle brands and has a long history in manufacturing equipment used by Olympic athletes, and therefore focuses on quality, duration, and fit—which characterizes "FLOAT."