If you've got a round face, you'll be looking to sharpen those features. 

Square and rectangular sunglasses are your go-to. They'll give a more angular look and help balance out your softer attributes!

And if you really want to mix things up, try out some asymmetrical sunnies. They'll give your face the contrast it's been craving.

MESSY TIP: Steer clear of round and dainty frames that draw attention to your rounded cheeks (unless ofc you're looking to bring out those baby-faced looks)


Square-faced peeps! You've got a face that's just as wide as it is tall, which is pretty sick.

But if you're looking to soften up that angular jawline, round sunglasses like NEW DEPP and HOBBES are your jam.

If you're feeling sassy, cat-eye frames like AUDREY will give you a killer statement look.

MESSY TIP: But beware, square shades might make you look like a total boss, so embrace that severe impression if that's what you're going for!