We help clean 2 kg of plastic waste for every pair of MESSYWEEKENDs sold.

What we do

Soon after MessyWeekend launched, we partnered with the NGO 4THEPLANET (formerly PROARTSO) to found the project "ORIGINES." 

The initiative is determined to design a sustainable method for the clean up of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean. Our latest contract has secured a "1 = 2" agreement, so for every pair of MessyWeekend sunglasses and snow goggles sold, 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of trash is collected.

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What they do

With your donation, our friends at 4THEPLANET can organize many different events strategically aimed at creating sustainable solutions for key areas in the Colombian Pacific. These areas are very remote, heavily polluted by plastic waste, and stand without the educational nor financial surplus to create sustainable solutions for waste management. They organize the volunteer-driven cleanups, build awareness, educate the local community, and together, we're building organizational structures for a full-circle waste management system.

Beach cleanups

On the Pacific coast of Colombia sits the remote village of Timbiqui, our first targeted area to transform into a cleaner and waste-managing community. We have already targeted 26 similar areas with very poor waste management that ORIGINES will expand into in the future. At these locations, the plastic waste gathers from upstream, the tide, and from the local communities polluting the waters, which flows directly into the Pacific Ocean. We organize expeditions with many volunteers, cleaning up the endless amounts of stranded waste.


Initially, the plastic waste from Timbiqui was transported by private boats to larger cities for recycling. However, at the moment, we are working on involving the Colombian army, as their transportation facilities are far superior. Some of the waste is transported to Buenaventura, where the materials are bought for reuse by third parties, such as Recicoplas. Plastic bottles are transported to Cali and sold to the recycling company EKORED. We are continuously optimizing the flow of the waste and the handling of it.

Long-term change

We're fully aware that collecting trash isn't a long-term solution to the issue of pollution. We need to inspire permanent change by creating a sustainable waste management system, both locally and globally. That’s why 4THEPLANET creates inclusive workshops to reach a larger segment of the local populations in our targeted areas. The ORIGINES project puts effort into solidifying a cultural change, so these areas will become self-driven team players in securing a less polluted future.