Best Aviator Sunglasses of 2020

When it comes to stylish sunglasses, not many designs can compete with the aviator design. Aviator sunglasses usually have oversized lenses that are often reflective and slim metal frames to complete the cool, semi-official look.

At MessyWeekend, we take pride in producing fine-quality aviator sunglasses that remain true to the original aviator design. How do we do it? Similar to our other sunglasses, we like to keep everything simple. Our aviator sunglasses maintain the authentic look characterized by thin frames, large lenses, and unique cable temples that guarantee a comfortable fit at all times.

While some brands try to imitate the aviator design without giving much consideration to comfort, we prioritise both comfort and usability in our aviator sunglasses. The nose pads of MessyWeekend's designer aviator glasses consist of high-quality material that ensures the shades are comfortable and fit snugly.

Because the lenses associated with aviator sunglasses are often large, we strategically create our pad arms and bridges to be compact enough to allow for comfortable fit such that the sunglasses don’t fall easily and remain in place all the time.

Why Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses have this aura of composure that makes you look cool and composed no matter the situation. When worn on a hot, sunny afternoon, these sunglasses can act as a fashion statement on top of helping protect your eyes from direct sunlight. Because aviator sunglasses have large lenses, they are often preferred when hiking, picnicking, or during outdoor events on sunny days.

In regards to fashion, these bad boy sunglasses rarely disappoint, their sleek, slim frame design coupled with the oversized lenses help complement your style regardless of what you are wearing. MessyWeekend is committed to producing aviator sunglasses in different shades to suit your clothes. You can choose to get a black shade or even a yellow tint because we manufacture our aviator sunglasses in different colors.

On top of helping to complete your look in terms of fashion, designer aviator sunglasses from MessyWeekend also provide full UV400 protection for your eyes. All our sunglasses and snow goggles come packed with UV protection, which keeps your eyes safe from harmful rays all the time. You don't just get to stunt with the MessyWeekend aviator sunglasses; you also get world-class protection for your eyes, leaving you free to enjoy the outdoors without any concerns of the sun's rays harming your eyes.

Men and Women's Aviator Sunglasses

There is usually very little difference when it comes to aviator sunglasses for men and women, as these shades often come with oversized lenses and slim frames. But we do provide a variety of options when it comes to color and appearance. You can choose from black and white frames while selecting from a range of lens profiles like polarised or the mirrored aviator glasses.

Polarised aviator glasses come with several benefits other than great appearance. They help to reduce glare, especially on sunny days or when using a laptop or your phone. In addition to glare-reduction properties, polarised aviator glasses can help improve the visibility of images by making them clearer and sharper, thus increasing your overall comfort in otherwise sunny conditions. Combined with MessyWeekend's UV light protection, your eyes will be 100% safe using our polarised aviator sunglasses.

Mirrored aviator glasses, on the other hand, are ideal for users who are highly sensitive to light. You can count on our mirrored aviator glasses to include several layers of protective, anti-reflective & anti-fog coating, which not only enhances the durability of these shades but also their resistance to scratch. It is not unusual for lenses and frames to get scratched regularly, especially when holding or placing sunglasses when not in use. Our mirrored aviator sunglasses boast of high-quality coating, and we guarantee them to resist scratch while also absorbing glare to keep your eyes safe.

Aviator Sunglasses Designs

Did you know that we manufacture our aviator sunglasses in different shapes? At MessyWeekend, we always strive to combine style and usability. The needs of our customers matter, which is why we provide several options when it comes to style. You can select our circular aviator sunglasses design, or you may prefer the square designs. The choice is yours!

As mentioned earlier, we also produce our aviator sunglasses in different shades from yellow to black and many other colors. Your work is to select the color that best suits your style, and of course, your needs.

Can I get designer Aviator sunglasses at Affordable Prices?

At MessyWeekend, we are all about producing great sunglasses and ski goggles at customer-friendly prices. Although we aim to make revenue, our priority is to provide world-class products to our clients at affordable prices; this helps us to create sustainable value (and makes our clients happy). Our designers in Copenhagen come up with unique shapes and designs. Then we outsource to our team members who finally source for top-quality but affordable material to create our products. This method helps us to reduce the overall cost of production and retail our products at customer-friendly prices.

So, to answer the question, yes, MessyWeekend gives you the chance to get good aviator sunglasses at extremely friendly prices. All our sunglasses and ski goggles come packed with UV protection, so you don't have to worry about the sun ruining your eyes.

Where to buy Designer Aviator Sunglasses

We have a very responsive website that showcases all our designer sunglasses from aviator glasses to Wayfarer, among other designs. Select the product you want and proceed to the checkout. MessyWeekend accepts MasterCard, Discover Card, and Visa. You can use these cards to shop at our site. In case of any inquiries or assistance, you can always reach us through phone or live chat. Email is also another method of communication that we love using with our clients.

Should you get the Aviator Sunglasses? Every sunglass enthusiast should have a pair of these cool and highly convenient sunglasses. The oversized lenses allow for maximum protection of your eyes during those sunny afternoons. The slim frames give aviator glasses extra class, which should complete any outfit you choose to wear. We have a variety of color schemes and lens profiles to select from, so finding a pair of aviator sunglasses that matches your style should be a breeze!