Polarised Sunglasses

If you love the outdoors, but glare annoys you, it is time to purchase a pair of polarised sunglasses.

Polarised sunglasses are popular eyewear designed to reduce glare. When compared to traditional lenses, polarised lenses let you see easily in glare-heavy situations and look more fashionable.

These lenses reflect off the surface of the water better than any other type of lenses. However, they aren’t just for people who love spending time near water. Anyone who is annoyed by glare outdoors can benefit from these eyeglass lenses.

So, how do polarised lenses work?

They have a specially designed filter that blocks light, immediately reducing glare, as well as discomfort. Although these lenses improve visibility and comfort, you may encounter some situations when the lenses aren't recommended. One such situation is downhill skiing. In this case, you want to see the bright patches' spots of reflected light as they warm you of icy conditions. You may also find it difficult to see the screen of your cell phone.

Despite these exceptions, polarised sunglasses offer significant advantages. They can be extremely helpful for driving. The lenses are designed to reduce glare from flat surfaces, including hoods of vehicles and pale pavement.

All light-sensitive people, especially those who have had cataract surgery, will benefit from polarised glasses.

If you are into glasses, you know that there is a significant difference between polarised vs. non-polarised sunglasses. The non-polarised lenses treat sunlight equally. Although this protects your eyes, it will not tackle sparkle and shimmer if you are around glass, water, or snow. Polarised lenses filter light and go further by canceling out reflected light. This allows boaters to read the texture or waves clearly, anglers to see beneath the surface of a river or lake, and drivers to focus on the road ahead.

Why Are Polarised Lenses Important?

When sunlight appears on any surface, it becomes super intense due to the right waves from the reflection. We know this as glare and is something that can have a significant impact on our vision. Polarised lenses are designed by a technology that has special filters that can absorb the light.

Around 99% of the glare is filtered away when wearing polarised lenses. This modern technology is included in all of our sunglasses.

When sunlight impacts your vision, it is hazardous. Not only does the glare block your ability to see, but it can also affect the overall eye health. Even though no evidence shows that it is dangerous to keep your eyes on the sun, it is possible to experience small injuries due to the light presence.

Polarised sunglasses are a great option for all outdoor people. If you are working outdoors, especially if you move around snow or water, polarised lenses can provide more clarity while keeping your eyes protected at the same time.

There are numerous benefits related to polarised lenses. Minimal color distortion, increased contract, clearer vision, reduced glare, and reduced eye strain are some of the benefits you’ll experience when wearing a pair of polarised glasses.

Another great thing about polarised sunglasses is that they also work in the shade. If you are wearing standard, non-polarised pair of glasses outside, you might take them off when entering a shady spot. While you are doing this, you increase your HEV and UV exposure since there is nothing to protect your eyes. If you have polarised sunglasses, you can keep them on, whether you enter a sunny or shady spot.

In our store, polarised lenses come in various color options. We all know that color differentiation makes all of the difference when you face lighting conditions. Although products on sale will provide a filter that can be protective in most light, it is better to invest in quality sunglasses to take advantage of all the benefits that come with polarised lenses.

For example, rose lenses can sharpen your focus, and yellow lenses are useful for eliminating blue light. Gray lenses are one of the most common options you will find. You can also choose brown lenses, which are great for when it is cloudy or green lenses when you find yourself in areas with a high glare.

Protect Your Eyes with UV400

When buying polarised eyeglasses, it is important to know that polarization doesn't protect your eyes from UV rays. It is proven that polarization is not related to UV protection, which means you will still need to protect your eyes with UV/UV400.

UV protection doesn't make a pair of glasses effective against glare and reflected light. The UV-protected lenses work by protecting your eyes against harsh ultraviolet exposure, which may lead to eye damage and cataracts. In some cases, even short-term exposure to harmful can cause blindness. It is essential always to wear glasses with 100% UV protection, especially if you are spending a lot of time outside.

If you are looking for the perfect pair of polarised sunglasses, look no further. Some brands charge more for polarised sunglasses, but that is not the case with MessyWeekend. Our sunglasses come with polarised lenses to reduce glare. They also filter blue light to block 100% of UV light. The 100% UV protection combined with the modern blue light filter offers the best experience possible.

The glasses include thin polarised lenses and a super anti-reflective coating to ensure that no harmful light can be reflected in your eyes and impact your vision.

When compared, polarised eyewear has many benefits over non-polarised, and you can now get great pairs at our store. They come in various styles and colors that both look chic and are highly protective. You can find quality, designer sunglasses for men and women alike.

When buying a pair, take the time to ensure you are purchasing polarised sunglasses that are comfortable, stylish, and offer the best protection from the sun. Go through our beautiful polarised glasses and find a pair that suits you just right.

Treat yourself with the right lenses and you won't fear spending time in the outdoors on a beautiful sunny day.