Why Blue Light Glasses?

Mon, Nov 09, 2020

How blue light negatively affects your productivity, sleep, and overall wellbeing - and how screen glasses can help

MessyWeekend blue light filter glasses - NEW DEPP Crystal Blue Light


The digital age is still young, and while there are undeniable benefits to all of the technology we live with and rely on today, there are also negative side effects we are still discovering and learning about. One such side effect is the amount of artificial blue light we are exposed to on a daily basis. 

Now, it should be clearly stated that blue light in and of itself is not harmful. In fact, it's quite the contrary. There are healthy levels of blue light that we absorb from the sun each and every day. The issue simply stems from the rapidly increasing amount we are being exposed to on a near-constant basis.


MessyWeekend blue light filter glasses - LENNON Black & NEW DEPP Champagne

NEW DEPP Champagne Blue Light & LENNON Gold Blue Light


Chances are, you spend more than 2 hours a day looking at a screen. Whether it be your computer, phone, tablet, or television, screens are everywhere and unavoidable. This heavy usage can lead to daily discomfort, such as eye strain, headaches, and a difficult time falling asleep—all of which can lead to decreased productivity.

One key reason screens cause our eyes so much discomfort? They are simply not used to staring at an object at the same distance for hours on end. 

When you are out and about, you are constantly looking around at objects at varying distances. This allows the muscles in your eyes to work and then relax. Work. Relax. And so on. However, when they need to be focused on something at the same distance for an extended period of time, they don't ever get that break, that time to relax. This can lead to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), where some of the symptoms include headaches, shoulder and/or neck pain, blurred vision, and irritated eyes. The way screens are built only exacerbate this issue by adding what is known as "flicker." Small LED lights built in to the screen are constantly flickering at incredibly high intervals—so you don't actually notice it—which causes you to blink less than you normally would and should. Add to all this the great amount of light we are exposed to from other sources, such as harsh overhead lights, and it's no surprise our eyes are in dire need of some protection. 

This is where screen glasses come in. The blue light filtering technology can enhance your focus and reduce eye strain, making your eyes feel less tired and actually improving productivity.  


MessyWeekend Blue Light Glasses

NEW DEPP Tortoise Blue Light & NEW DEPP Champagne Blue Light


Productivity isn't the only thing that will be improved with decreased exposure to blue light, sleep will as well.

Perhaps one of the better-known negative effects of blue light is the effect it has on sleep patterns and quality. Blue light has a high energy frequency that can increase alertness and delay your body's release of melatonin (which helps induce sleep). That’s why many devices have a setting to decrease the amount of blue light emitted, such as Apple’s “Night Shift.” However, this can drastically change the colors on the screen and can prove difficult to work with or simply annoying to look at. That's why we designed our screen glasses with clear lenses. They won't affect the colors on the screen, so you can use them regardless of the type of work you do (shoutout to all the graphic designers of the world)—while still reducing the impact blue light.

Use your devices before bed and still get a good night’s sleep.

NEW DEPP Blue Light is available in Champagne, Crystal, and Tortoise, while LENNON Blue Light is available in Gold and the brand-new Black color. Check them out!