AW20: New NEW DEPP Colorways

Tue, Oct 06, 2020

AW20 Collection

NEW DEPP Amber & Black

When designing our new NEW DEPP models, we wanted to go back to our Danish roots. To be inspired by our surroundings. And, luckily, we didn’t need to look very far. In fact, we struck gold right out of the gate—well, Danish gold, that is.


MessyWeekend NEW DEPP Amber



Precious stones found in surprising locations

Amber is known as Denmark's gold and can be found all along the Danish coast. If you don’t know what amber is, it’s fossilized tree resin that was formed 30-50 million years ago. Now, you might be wondering how fossilized tree resin ended up buried in the sands of Denmark’s gorgeous (fact, not opinion) beaches. Well, in the tens of millions of years since it was first formed, the sea, rivers, and ice from the Ice Ages have transported it far and wide. That’s why you won’t find amber in the forests where is formed, but rather, on the coast.

In our NEW DEPP Amber sunglasses, we’ve combine the birth and resting places of Earth’s original precious stone, with a frame that reflects its warm, orange color and green lenses reminiscent of the luscious forests from whence it came.


MessyWeekend NEW DEPP Black



Seafaring is in our blood, blue is in our lenses

The inspiration behind NEW DEPP Black goes hand-in-hand with Amber. The model features a timeless black frame, with a shiny finish, that acts as a subtle yet stark backdrop for the striking blue lenses, reflecting the blue of the waters that surround Denmark.

We chose to use blue lenses for another (very important) reason, one that has your eyes as the main concern. Blue lenses help you see contours around objects more clearly, while shielding eyes from reflective surfaces—such as snow. They also work well in foggy and misty weather conditions, making for the perfect pair to wear while commuting to and from work during these colder months.

This model is one of the first to sport blue lenses, marking the addition of a new lens color to our line of sun eyewear (our DEPP Snow Leopard model was recently updated to feature blue lenses).


MessyWeekend NEW DEPP Amber & NEW DEPP Black

NEW DEPP Amber & Black


Our goal with these two colorways is to offer our customers sunglasses with the design and functionality needed during the autumn and winter seasons as well as to challenge the idea that sunglasses are a summer accessory.

NEW DEPP Amber and Black are available for purchase. Shop now!