Restock of Bestseller NEW DEPP

Fri, Aug 21, 2020

We need some champagne!

No, I’m not referring to the bubbling drink oft consumed in moments of celebration. No. I’m referring to our bestseller NEW DEPP Champagne. We have had quite a few people write to us asking about when those gorgeous, round shades will be back. Here is the answer: Soon!


New Depp Champagne

NEW DEPP Champagne


The Details

At this point in time, I cannot provide you, my dear readers, with a more precious ETA other than that they will be here, packed up, and ready to be shipped out to your gorgeous selves by late-September. However! As we have done before, we are going to make NEW DEPP and other sought-after acetate models available for preorder TODAY (August 24, 2020), meaning you can secure the purchase of your new pair as soon as you're done reading this blog post. Ah-may-zing! (Too much? Sorry. Just excited.)


MessyWeekend NEW DEPP Champagne on @tinachubachi

@tinachubachi wearing NEW DEPP Champagne


The Update

Now, we have a bit of news. Two of our NEW DEPP models are getting a little makeover. Tortoise and Horn—which used to have gray and green lenses respectively—are both going to be produced with brown lenses now. Brown lenses are great for people who drive a lot, as they increase visual clarity and enhance the color red (ya know, the color of brake lights, stop lights, etc.) Plus, they just look crazy nice. So, for those of you who liked our Co-Founder Marc’s sunglasses in one of his first videos, you’re in luck!


MessyWeekend NEW DEPP Horn and Tortoise

NEW DEPP Horn and Tortoise (current models)


The News

Not only that, my friends, but we are actually launching NEW. COLORWAYS. That’s right, it’s the new NEW DEPP.  

via Giphy

In addition to getting NEW DEPP Champagne, Tortoise, Horn, Crystal Green, and Crystal Brown (wow, that’s a mouthful) back, we’re going to add two new colors to the mix!

Hmm… Should I share what they are, or keep you guys in suspense?

Oh, all right. I'll be nice. Our new colors are Black and Amber, and they will be available for purchase in late-September. So, if you're looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses for the cooler months of the year—we've got them.

 MessyWeekend NEW DEPP Crystal Brown

 NEW DEPP Crystal Brown


The Recap

1. NEW DEPP and many of your favorite acetate models are on their way back.
2. They will arrive in the end of September and are available for preorder August 24.
3. NEW DEPP Tortoise and Horn are both getting a new lens color (brown).
4. We’re adding two new colors to the NEW DEPP Collection: Black and Amber. Coming soon 😎


    MessyWeekend NEW DEPP Crystal Green

    NEW DEPP Crystal Green