Thu, Nov 07, 2019

The INUIT is MessyWeekend's latest winter equipment for winter sports, where design and functionality go hand in hand in one ski goggle. The INUIT was published in October 2019 on Kickstarter, earning half a million in just two weeks. The INUIT has all the necessary features you need in one ski goggle, as well as a modern design including two limited edition stops with an 80's twist.

The INUIT with unique XEp technology

Our INUIT goggles come with a unique XEp lens, which is a photochromic version of the XE2 lens that comes with our FLOAT ski goggles.
Photochromic means that the lens changes color according to lighting conditions, which is an advantage when the weather turns during the day. The XEp lens will respond to the combination of sunlight and UV rays. Photochromic molecules in the lens will then automatically and constantly recalibrate as the weather and lighting conditions change.

When the bright sun hits or the clouds take over, the XEp lens will switch to a darker or brighter state in just 25 seconds. Due to the rapidly changing transitions of the XEP lens, you are guaranteed a clear view all day, every day, and therefore you do not need any extra lenses.

Further, the XEp lens has an anti-fog system, where due to the double lenses, functions similarly to double glazing and prevents condensation and your glasses for fogging.

The INUIT comes with a blue-violet Revo mirror coating, which is ideal in bright environments such as snow landscapes. Revo-mirror coating reduces the chance of being blinded by sun and snow by filtering white and blue light. Revo coating is a NASA-based technology that protects, enhances, and enhances your views on the slopes.

The XEp lens is made of a patented embedded film that ensures the highest optical quality and, therefore, a uniform tone change as well as resistant to any weather.

The cylindrical Inuit delivers a peripheral field of view, which means up to 18% wider field of view compared to our FLOAT goggles.

Last but not least, the XE2 has full UV400 (UVA + UVB) protection.

Tested by experts

The national Danish ski team has tested the INUIT in the Alps, where Frederik Højgaard shows how the photochromic lens works:


Snow goggles with both photochromic and Revo-mirrored lenses are a unique composition and not often seen, if ever seen at all, in the ski goggles industry.

Looking for photochromic quality in a pair of ski goggles, you will often find these up to 60% more expensive than on  Go to Kickstarter here, to become the happy owner of a pair of photochromic INUIT goggles.


Flexible and durable frame

Our Inuit model is made of lightweight TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material, which is both extremely flexible, durable, and ensures an excellent fit for all faces and helmets.

Like our Float model, 'The Inuit' features a three-layer foam technology that ensures proper airflow, prevents fog, and gives you optimal comfort throughout the day. 

When buying The INUIT ski goggles, you can choose straps in either black or white. The straps are equipped with triple silicone lines, so your ski goggles stay where they are going throughout the day, and to create a fashionable look, we've applied a matte silicone to our MW logos.

With just two clicks, you can easily replace the straps and change the look of your goggles.

As a tribute to The INUIT and our hero and idol Glen Plake - the freestyle god above them all - we've produced some limited edition straps where you might recognize the same '80s vibe as in our Kickstarter campaign here.