How to adjust acetate (sun)glasses

Fri, May 22, 2020

Let's set the scene.

A package with your MessyWeekend sunglasses (or blue light filter glasses) has arrived. You open that baby up to find an MW box sealed with a little clear sticker. After peeling the sticker off, you pull the little drawer containing your MessyWeekend sunglasses out. They're sitting snug as a bug in a microfiber pouch. You slide them out and put those stylin' shades on. 

Damn, I look good, you think as you check yourself out in the mirror. 

Why, yes. Yes, you do.

You go about your day looking like the coolest cat there is. But you find yourself pushing the sunglasses up quite often because they keep sliding down your nose. 

How annoying. I wonder if there's something I can do that fix this, you wonder to yourself.

Why, yes. Yes, there is.

See, those awesome shades you got are handcrafted from acetate, and acetate is super flexible and very easy to shape. It's actually pretty awesome. Acetate is this really cool subst–

Okay...get to the point, you think pointedly at me, the author, whom you can neither see nor talk to. So, really, I have all the power here... Okay, okay, sorry!

Here's how to do it:

To begin with, if you take your sunglasses off, it will be way easier to do this—but hey, to each their own!

When you first received your sunglasses, the temples (arms) might have been quite straight. This can happen when the sunglasses are being transported—trucks can get hot, my friend, and we don't have the budget (nor the desire) to send your sunglasses to you in a refrigerated container...

Anyhoo, the temples are the areas of the sunglasses you are going to focus on, as you can shape the ends of the temples so they hook around your ear, thus making them fit better.

With the one hand, grasp the end of one temple. With the other hand, grasp the same temple, just a little closer to the screw and the rest of the frame.

Using the heat from your hands, you can bend the end of the temple down and inward. Rinse, and repeat with the other temple.

When you're done, try those bad boys on! They should fit much better.

And don't worry if you overcorrected. If they end up too tight, you can just bend them back a bit. Again, acetate is super flexible.

Hey, amazing, brilliant, gorgeous author, I'm having a hard time getting the temples to move. And I don't want to break them.

First of all, thank you.

Second, if the temples of your sunglasses aren't being as cooperative as I've led you to believe they should be, I have another piece of advice. Break out a hairdryer or turn up the radiator, because acetate loosens up like a stiff muscle after a good massage when heat is applied.

Warm the acetate up a bit—though not too hot—and it should be much easier too move.

Hey, not-so-amazing, hardly brilliant, but still totally gorgeous author, I'm more of a visual/audio person and your article isn't helping me.

First of all, how dare you?! Just kidding...kinda.

Well, my dear reader, we actually have a video where our CEO Morten explains everything I've just spent a great deal of time and effort explaining. Here. Happy now?

No, but for real. I hope this article (and the video) have proven helpful!

Again, this is just for our acetate models—which include NEW DEPP, DEPP, LIV, GRACE, LOUIE, COREY, JACK, NORMANEW NORMA as well as our MW models ROE, ANNA, and DYLAN. You will not be able to do the same thing with our injection and metal models. If you have any further questions, you are always welcome to just google it. Or write to us at, of course! We're always happy to help 😎