Green Ski Goggles

Do you want an all-weather lens that will guarantee you uncompromised visibility when out skiing? If so, then you should look no further than our green ski goggles.

Our green ski goggles are made from high-quality materials that enhance not only usability but also durability. With snow season about to intensify, you will need the best quality goggles to help you in your skiing adventures.

We use durable thermoplastic polyurethane to build goggles built to stand the test of time. Each pair features built-in anti-fog ventilation, impact-resistant dual-layering, triple-layer foam, comfortable straps, and a unique perfect-fit design to ensure our green ski goggles are the best you'll ever own. We even throw in an interchangeable yellow lens and a protective hard case to help you get the most out of your new goggles.

Main Features of Messyweekend's Green Ski Goggles

UV 400 Protection

Our green ski lenses offer UV400 protection to ensure your eyes are fully protected at all times. Snow has reflective properties that increase the level of UV radiation you're exposed to. Inadequate eye protection when skiing can lead to snow blindness, also known as photokeratitis. Snow blindness can not only be extremely painful, but dangerous if you still have to make your way back off the slope.

Revo Coated

All our ski goggles are Revo coated, meaning they use the same lens technology utilized by NASA engineers for satellite protection from harmful and intense rays. This coating produces the mirrored effect, but it also repels water and sweat, prevents fingerprints and smudges on your lenses, and helps reduce glare so you can see clearly.

Anti-Fog Coating and Ventilation

Skiing at high altitudes can be quite challenging, especially if you have to wipe your goggles now and then to clear the lenses from fog and water particles. Worry not, though, with our state-of-the-art ventilation system, you are guaranteed clear vision both on and off the mountain.

The anti-fog coating is specifically designed to reduce the occurrence of ski-related accidents, which can be fatal, especially on elevated and rough terrain. The coating plays a massive role in minimizing hand movements, which may throw you off balance.

Our anti-fog ventilation and coating help ensure that everything goes according to plan and that you focus more on skiing as opposed to wiping off your goggles.

Dual-Layer Lenses

Did you know that Messyweekend's green ski lenses are impact resistant? All our lenses are dual-layered to reduce the effects of impacts or falls by reinforcing the goggle's sturdiness and overall strength. This means that in the event of falls or impacts on tough surfaces, your goggles will not break.

Interchangeable Lens System

One feature that makes our goggles stand out is the easily interchangeable lenses. Whether you chose the blue lenses or green lenses, you can easily change depending on preference and weather conditions.

Lighter colors, such as yellow and amber, work well for low light conditions, while darker shades, such as brown, grey, silver, or copper, are excellent for those sunny afternoons. Clear is best for night skiing. Blue and green, however, strike a nice balance and are generally considered all-rounders. If you only purchase one ski goggle color, either is a great choice.

Perfect Fit Due to Study Polyurethane Frames

We don’t joke when it comes to durability and usability. Our green ski goggles are made from lightweight, durable, and super flexible thermoplastic polyurethane frames, which help ensure that your goggles fit perfectly.

The polyurethane frames are designed to be flexible to ensure the goggles fit our different clients regardless of face size or shape. No one wants to use ski goggles that don’t fit—it is highly unsafe, especially due to the risk of falling down some seriously steep slopes.

Triple-Layer Foam

When it comes to comfort during use, not many ski goggle manufacturing companies can compare to Messyweekend. Our triple-layer foam mechanism protects your face from snow, wind, and injury during impact.

We understand that you will have your ski goggles on for hours nonstop when out skiing. That’s why our foam technology is specifically designed to provide extra comfort during use. No snow or wind can sneak in through the sides, leaving you completely safe and protected.

Designed to Fit Perfectly

You no longer have to worry about ski goggles that don’t fit in your helmet. Our ski goggles are specifically designed to match and fit standard helmet measurements to prevent wind and snow from damaging your eyes.

With a lens width of 177 mm and a height of 97 mm, you will have a full range of view that will ensure you have enhanced visibility throughout your ski-session. All our frames have a standard height of 10 mm and a width of 180 mm to ensure that they fit in normal-sized helmets.

Easily Interchangeable Straps

Our green ski goggles come packed with an easily interchangeable strap system that allows you to change between straps with ease. Even better, did you know that our strap system is anti-slip? This eliminates the risk of your ski goggles slipping or falling off during use.

Additional Yellow Lens

As mentioned, our green ski goggles allow you to switch between lenses with ease. To help you get the most out of that handy feature, we include an extra yellow lens designed to improve your view when skiing in overcast conditions with all our colored ski goggles. While green is considered an all-condition lens choice, yellow is still superior in low light.

Comfortable Three-Lined Silicone Strap

Our Messyweekend straps are made from some of the best materials on the market, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant outdoor adventure. The three-lined silicon strap provides extra comfort and plays a massive role in reducing distress lines that appear after wearing goggles or straps for long periods.

Additional Accessories

We don’t sell you high-quality goggles only to leave you stranded when it comes to high-quality accessories. Regardless of the package purchased, Messyweekend provides all its clients with a hard box and two pouches to offer additional protection.

The hard box comes in handy during travel, as its primary role is to offer additional protection to your green ski goggles. The two pouches, on the other hand, can be used to carry your goggles once you have removed them after your skiing adventure.

Why Should You Buy Our Green Ski Goggles?


No one wants to spend a fortune continuously replacing broken ski goggles. You need goggles that are made from durable materials. Our green ski goggles, similar to our other products, are made from state-of-the-art materials painstakingly chosen to provide quality, comfort, and above all, durability, meaning you won't have to worry about making replacement purchases.


Earlier, we described how green ski goggles, similar to our blue ski goggles, can be used in different weather conditions. The usability of our green ski goggles makes them a fantastic option, especially since they can be used when it is cloudy or sunny without compromising on vision.

Increased Protection

On top of having a triple-layer foam system to prevent injuries from impacts, our green ski goggles are Revo coated, meaning your eyes are fully protected from UV rays. You won’t have to worry about snow blindness or eye injury while hitting the slopes.


Messyweekend prides itself on providing relevant accessories to enhance user experience. By purchasing a pair of green ski goggles, you will receive additional accessories in the form of a hard box, two pouches, and an overcast yellow lens. These offers are unique to Messyweekend as they help us increase the value of our products.

Noble Cause

Messyweekend isn’t like any other ski goggle and snow accessory company. We take conservation issues seriously, and as a result, we have partnered with ProArtso, an NGO focused on plastic management. We donate a fraction of every sale we make to the enhancement of environmental protection programs.

By purchasing our green ski lenses, you will be contributing to the removal of harmful plastic in our oceans. We’re saving the planet one pair of goggles at a time!

Our Green Ski Lens in a Nutshell

Whether you are a first-time skier looking to learn, or an experienced pro, you won’t find better eye protection than our green ski lenses. Every pair is both fog and impact-resistant, and features interchangeable lenses and straps, triple-layer foam and perfect-fit technology, and is priced affordably.

Our green ski goggles check every box when it comes to superior ski accessories. We craft our ski goggles with quality, comfort, and affordability in mind. That's why we guarantee all the above. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can return your order free of charge.

At Messyweekend, we not only want you to have confidence in your purchase but to have the best—and safest—ski experience possible. Be sure to check out our extra interchangeable lenses. We offer three additional colors (blue, red, and silver) to ensure you have the right lens for every weather condition. We also carry sunglasses for eye protection off your skis!

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