Introducing MessySnow Ski Tutorials

Thu, Jan 09, 2020

In mid-December last year, MessyWeekend released the first in a line of ski tutorials featuring retired Danish ski pros Frederik Højgaard and Thomas Trads, who bring their own experience, knowledge, humor, and fearlessness to the channel. 

In the first tutorial, "How to Front Flip on Skis" (see below), Frederik and Thomas walk you through the essential steps for how to properly pull off a knuckle front flip/Japanese kick, including what not to do if you want to land skis first. (Remember when I mentioned "fearlessness"? Yeah, these guys actually filmed the blunders they want you to avoid.) So far, MessyWeekend has released four videos with Frederik and Thomas—three tutorials and one episode of "The Pro Show" (I'll get back to this later). 

 For those who want to learn how fly through the sky, you should check out the "How to hit a jump" tutorial. Again, the guys show you what you should and should not do when learning this ski trick. Thomas walks you through what and where the "sweet spot" is and how to hit it. And for those of you who already have a pair of MessyWeekend snow goggles—or are looking to snag your own pair—Frederik and Thomas have filmed a short how-to video explaining how to change the lenses.

Now back to "The Pro Show," your new favorite talk show with the greatest Danish-ski-pros-turned-internet-talk-show-hosts ever, where the guests need to fight for attention (not literally). The first episode has premiered and features Norwegian freestyle-skier Ferdinand Dahl, who—with a bronze medal from the X-Games 2019, a spot in the final at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and several world cup podiums—is one of the most consistent skiers out there. 

A new tutorial is set to come out once a week (while supplies last), so check out the MessyWeekend YouTube channel, and subscribe to make sure you don't miss any new content! 

Frederik Højgaard Thomas Trads