Best Cat-Eye Sunglasses of 2022

Are you a fan of cat-eye sunglasses? If you said yes, there are several things about these types of sunglasses that will excite you. For instance, did you know that cat-eye sunglasses are not new in the fashion landscape?

These fashionable sunglasses have a long history as a popular trend. This history goes way back to the '50s when new production capabilities allowed for the creation of new styles of frames. Before the innovations, round frames were the original style because they were the most straightforward design to create.

Cat eyes sunglasses, however, did not become an instant hit in the fashion space back then. The original version of these sunglasses was more angular and thinner than what you see today. But with time, other styles started to take a tangent from this look.

The most significant style changes got inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, a celebrated movie star, when she wore the Manhattan-style of these sunglasses in the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The Manhattan-style of Cat Eyes sunglasses featured a thicker frame and larger lenses than the original versions of cat-eye sunglasses.

Within no time after the release of the movie, the remarkable popularity of cat-eye glasses became apparent. Soon, even secretaries and librarians wore cat-eye eyeglasses, and the style could be seen widely in popular culture in the '60s and later years.

In later days, these sunglasses have won accolades and acclamation from modern-day notables who have immense influence in fashion and style trends across the world. Think of celebrities such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Dinah Manoff, and Bella Hadid, and you get an idea of the kind of names we mean.

Today, trendy cat-eye shades are on sale online at our store MessyWeekend. Here you can find a range of different styles of this attractive eyewear.

The mirrored cat-eye lenses from our store give your vision the gray or brown tint that effectively decreases the amount of external light filtering through the tinted lenses. The protection makes them great for all outdoor light conditions, including snow, water, high altitudes, and sand, among others.

Or maybe you seek 100 percent UV protection. Every pair of affordable, stylish sunglasses that we sell comes with UV400 coating that gives the protection from the sun that you need.

We have in stock a wide variety of sunglasses, and several cat-eye types, that will set you apart as a person of taste and style.

Polarised Cat Eye Sunglasses

Are you looking for polarised cat-eye sunglasses to protect you from sun glare? You are in the right place.

We ensure every single polarised shade in our stock delivers what makes it desirable in the first place: protection from sun glare.

We know perfectly well you want sunglasses that will help protect you from the numerous hazards associated with glare. Yes, glare can temporarily blind you, hamper your perception of depth, and distort your sensitivity to color.

If you work or spend time on or near water, you know what the reflective glare of the sun can do to your eyes.

But it's not just the watery environment. You need glare protection if you are a hiker, cyclist, athlete, and any other kind of outdoor enthusiast. You need super-looking sunglasses that can help you counter the adverse effects of the sun.

Our polarised cat eye sunglasses are among the best in the world. We know and understand what you are looking for, and why you are looking for it: to look good in affordable, practical sunglasses that protect your eyes from the sun.

Here at MessyWeekend, we offer all the different types of polarised sunglasses in this category. The 1.1 mm polarised lenses you get from us, for example, use thick film sheets and are high-impact resistant. These precautions ensure that the shades you get are not prone to damage in case of an accidental impact on the lenses.

The 0.75mm polarised cat-eye lenses we sell measure up to the strictest industry standards. We make them of thin-film sheets, and they are quite light. If you love casual sports like running or golf, you will find these accessories to be perfect for the outdoors, both in style and functionality.

It is a bonus that MessyWeekend cat-eye sunglasses are affordable and durable.

Cat Frame Sunglasses in Gold

Nothing can be as timeless as a pair of nicely crafted metal glass frames. They are simple, comfortable, and elegant. MessyWeekend's excellent metal frames will bring out your style without compromising the glasses' functionality. The structure of your sunglasses plays a vital role in their looks. The shape and materials also affect how your face looks once you wear the sunglasses.

Metal frames are low-maintenance and lightweight, which makes them the perfect choice for everyday wear.

But not all metals are the same. Gold beats all the other metals when it comes to splendid-looking cat-eye sunglasses. Cat frame sunglasses in gold are a timeless commodity. When you wear cat eyes sunglasses with gold frames, you introduce warmth and light to your complexion. Get cat frame sunglasses in gold from MessyWeekend.

Our gold frame sunglasses will complete almost any clothing choice you make and help you look gorgeous and remarkable. Don't forget, gold is associated with opulence and class. Elegance and sophistication are the impressions that the cat-eye sunglasses in gold from our online store give you.

If you are looking for high-quality but affordable cat-eye sunglasses with a gold frame, our shimmering golden frames are in stock. You will find a wide selection right here with us. Whether you are searching for tortoise cat-eye sunglasses or mirrored sunglasses, check out our gold-frame cat-eye sunglasses.

You can quickly get the funkiest pair of shades that will give you personality without pushing your budget from your comfort zone. We consider all your cat-eye sunglasses requirements at MessyWeekend.

Give yourself that look of a celebrity. How? Get in touch with us now, and our customer service team will be happy to guide you in the simple process of acquiring these nicely crafted fashion statements for your eyes and face.