5 Best Fishing Sunglasses of 2020

You're not ready for fishing unless you've got a nice and practical pair of fishing sunglasses. Having the right fishing sunglasses will ensure you have a gratifying fishing experience. But what’s the significance of sunglasses during fishing?

Fishing sunglasses offer effective protection from the sun’s rays when you’re fishing. They enable you to focus on your fishing. You don’t have to worry about the sunlight distracting you, causing you to blink every so often.

Fishing is one of those activities that require prolonged periods of concentration and patience. You don’t want anything bothering you when you’re steadily waiting for your catch. These glasses work by cutting down the glare of the sun.

They're usually suited for use in any type of water environment. In fact, some high-end sunglasses feature unique water-shedding hydrophobic coating. This coating ensures you have the best experience in any sort of water activity, including swimming, lake fishing, fly-fishing, and deep-sea fishing.

You’ll find that fishing sunglasses are equipped with polarised lenses and photochromatic lenses. These sunglasses are capable of automatically darkening or lightening the lens based on the intensity of light in your surroundings.

They also boast a high definition vision. This is one of the attributes that set most fishing sunglasses apart from other sunglasses on the market. You may also find fishing sunglasses that are equipped with an effective magnetic protective shield.

When you go fishing, you can easily add the side shields to boost your protection against any form of distracting reflection. You can also easily remove the shields when using the glasses for general purposes. Other fishing sunglasses also come equipped with shock absorbers, which boost performance and comfort.

When choosing the best fishing sunglasses, it’s advisable to go for water repellent lenses. This kind of lenses lets the water slide off easily. This helps to prevent water molecules from forming hydrogen bonds on your glasses.

What are the best sunglasses for fishing? There's a wide variety from which to choose. The brands that are known to produce high quality, durable fishing sunglasses include Oakley, Solar Bat, Maui Jim, and Costa Del Mar. Each brand offers a variety of styles and colours to meet every customer's needs.

Some of the fishing sunglasses you can purchase in 2020 include Oakley Turbine Polarised Fishing Sunglasses, Costa Fantail Polarised Fishing Sunglasses, and Maui Jim Peahi Polarised Fishing Sunglasses.

Should Fishing Sunglasses Be Polarised?

Polarised sunglasses are an integral element in any angler’s arsenal when getting out on the water. With the best polarised fishing sunglasses, you’ll be able to protect your eyes from the irritating rays reflecting off the water. These sunglasses also help to enhance your experience by filtering specific lighting out.

If you find glasses with the right fishing lenses, you’ll have an easy time spotting your target below the surface. Hence, whether you fish offshore, on-shore, in a stream, or out in the middle of the ocean, a pair of polarised fishing glasses is a must-have. Otherwise, your fishing activity could have a negative impact on your vision, at least in the long run.

The best polarised fishing sunglasses will enable you to see beyond the water surface. This will help you spot your target much more seamlessly. When shopping for polarised fishing sunglasses, you should consider your typical fishing environment.

You want to choose the right lenses for the prevailing light condition. That said, let’s take a detailed at the significant factors to consider when choosing fishing sunglasses.

Lens Colour

The fishing you practice should determine the type of lens you buy. Different types of fishing require different lens colours. For inshore and shallow water fishing, you'll need polarised sunglasses with green mirror front lens and amber inside the lens.

Yellow lenses are ideal for overcast skies and lowlight conditions. If you engage in different types of fishing, they’re a great choice. Grey lenses are also great for general purposes.

You can use them offshore, nearshore, or inshore. Polarised sunglasses with blue mirror front lens and grey inside the lens are ideal for offshore fishing. The blue front lens matches the colour of the offshore waters and neutralizes the glare that reflects off the water surface.

Lens Curvature

How the lens fits around your eyes determines how a pair of polarised sunglasses will perform for you. Your vision with the sunglasses on should be as close as possible to your vision without the sunglasses.

Avoid lenses that have too much curvature. They will distort your vision and interfere with your perception of where the fish are. The front of the lens should be flat from top to bottom. Make sure the lenses you choose curve on the inside in your peripheral vision.

Suitable For Both Deep Sea, Coastal and Saltwater

When choosing fishing sunglasses, it is imperative to consider where you’ll be fishing. This may be deep sea, coastal, saltwater, or freshwater fishing. While fishing sunglasses are an essential part of freshwater and saltwater fishing, not all fishing sunglasses are equal.

That doesn’t mean that there is a superior brand. However, the effectiveness of fishing sunglasses changes based on various factors, including where you fish. If you are into deep-sea fishing, for example, a blue outer lens combined with a grey inner lens is an ideal choice.

Light quality in deep waters is more intense. You want lenses that will neutralize the harsher glare so that you can enjoy your fishing without much distraction. That's where blue lenses come in handy.

Final Thoughts

Fishing sunglasses are an asset when it comes to virtually any kind of fishing. However, choosing the best fishing sunglasses is somewhat challenging. There’s a wide range of brands, models, styles, and shapes on the market. Some are suited for a specific type of fishing.

Fortunately, the information shared in this article will ensure you have an easy time choosing the right fishing glasses for your needs. You want sunglasses that fit you well and have the right lenses for the kind of fishing you practice. Also, be sure you choose the proper lens curvature.