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We've turned our classic metal model LENNON into a pair of lightweight, stylish screen glasses, designed to protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted from your digital devices. Our blue light glasses help decrease eye strain and headaches as well as increase quality of sleep--so you can better enjoy the fun, messy moments in life.

You are cleaning the equivalent of 100 plastic straws from the ocean by purchasing this product.

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LENNON Blue Light - Black
LENNON is a unisex model. With its circular shape and narrow fit, it is best suited for both men and women with narrow to medium faces. The nose pads mean they sit a bit higher up than our acetate models and are adjustable.
Metal frame

β€’ Nylon lenses, new high-quality lens material that combines the pros of polycarbonate and CR-39 lenses
β€’ Blocks 100% of the blue light under 410nm spectrum
β€’ Blocks 45% of the blue light on the 410nm-450nm spectrum
Total Frame Length: 127.5 mm β”‚ Bridge: 21 mm β”‚ Temple Length: 140 mm

Lens Length: 49 mm β”‚ Lens Height: 46 mm
"β€’ 1x pair of LENNON blue light filter glasses
β€’ 1x MW box
β€’ 1x microfiber pouch"
To clean, use microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lenses and frame.
For tougher spots, use lukewarm water and mild soap only. Do not use alcohol or solvents.

LENNON Blue Light - Black