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Awesome Snow Goggles With High-Contrast, Photochromic And Revo-Mirror Lenses.

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The Inuit, ladies and Gentlemen

Unique goggles in terms of functionality, design and pricing

XE2 - a high contrast lens

A true high-contrast and enhanced color viewing experience. See things normally invisible to the naked eye. The XE2 is easily interchangeable, light-weight, and practically unbreakable. Anti-fog system and NASA developed Revo and Mirror coating. 

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XEp - a high contrast and photochromic lens

This is a photochromic version of the XE2-lens - meaning it adapts to any weather condition automatically! The lens reacts to a combination of sunlight and UV-rays and becomes darker when it's sunny and vice versa.

The only lens you'll ever need.

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