5 reasons why you should be riding in MW goggles

1. Pay half price for all features

Our high-quality goggles cost half of what other brands would charge for all the same features. (You’re welcome.) 

We want to provide you with products that are easy on your wallet. We just want you to have a great time! 

2. High contrast vision and weather adapting lens technology

With our XE2 lens you’ll see more colors and contrast in the usual “all-white and blinding” snow. Nothing will impair your abilities anymore—because your vision will be flawless.

With our new photochromic lens tech XEp you won't even need to change lenses anymore because it adapts to weather conditions. 

Our design is made to not only make you look f*cking sleek while ramping down the snow slope, but also to give you the best possible visibility. 

3. Trust the Pros

Several pro-skiers and the Danish National Alpine team use our goggles officially and have given them their stamp of approval—what else can we say?

4. hard facts speak for themselves

Revo-coating (same as NASA uses for their astronauts’ gear) • Full UV400 protectionAnti-scratch and double layered anti-fog coating • Ventilation system designed to prevent fog • Triple-layered foam for premium comfort • Triple-lined silicone on all straps to prevent helmet slips • OTG (over-the-glasses) • Interchangeable straps and lenses • Comes with a hard-box for safekeeping, microfiber pouch for cleaning and protection, and extra yellow overcast lens.

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What a lot of people don’t know is that we are cooperating with an NGO in Colombia to remove plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean and strengthen the communities’ ability to deal with the waste. Our colleague Juan started the whole co-op. While we do a lot more than just collect trash, we want to make sure it’s understood plain and simple: every product you buy facilitates the removal of 2 kg of plastic from the Pacific.

No Bullsh*t - Get messy!

To wrap it up: how often do you think you hold yourself back instead of doing something you want to do? Well, we say f*ck it—we don’t want you to think that way! We want you to spend your hard-earned cash on hitting the slopes. Try a big air in the snow park, have that other drink. We provide you with a great product at a reasonable price, so you can focus on enjoying life!

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