Our Best Tortoise Sunglasses for Men & Women

Tortoiseshell sunglasses mimic the appearance of the real thing. It is sometimes referred to as horn-rimmed glasses and is ideal for adding a touch of glamour to any look. You’ll identify these glasses by the fascinating speckled aesthetic.

The style features a distinctive pattern of honey, mottled yellow, and brown spots. Today, these patterns are available in various shades of brown, yellow, gold, green, and gold, which makes it a breeze to find a pair of tortoise sunglasses that suit your individuality.

The popularity of tortoiseshell sunglasses shot up in the 1950s, thanks to the world-renowned Ray-Ban aviators. Initially, manufacturers and designers used real tortoise and turtle shell to make these glasses.

Authorities thankfully outlawed the practice of using real turtle and tortoise shells for making accessories in the 1970s, however, and synthetic designs took over. Today, eyewear manufacturers use acetate to make the much-admired tortoiseshell pattern. You can rest easy knowing that no animals suffered during the crafting of your favourite pair of sunglasses.

What are the benefits of tortoise sunglasses? Besides the stylish and effective appeal in achieving a modern geek look, tortoiseshell sunglasses are a versatile accessory. It can work well with any look, casual or formal, even though it’s more a feminine trend than a men’s fashion item—but who’s to judge?

The tortoiseshell pattern is subtle, and the blend of colours makes it easy to pair sunglasses with any outfit. If you’re after a casual look, consider matching your tortoise sunglasses with a pair of white or denim jeans. You can go with any type, such as boyfriend jeans, straight-legged jeans, or skinny jeans, in any colour.

A basic outfit teamed with a pair of tortoise sunglasses looks awesome thanks to the detailing in these types of eyewear. It’s not a good idea to combine tortoiseshell sunglasses with an outfit that is too busy—it might take away the attention from your stunning eyewear.

You’re better off pairing your tortoise sunglasses with plain and black outfits, which allows the design to stand out effectively. A solid-coloured outfit and tortoise sunglasses are an excellent combination if you want to dress up. Be sure to choose a matching colour frame.

Contemporary tortoiseshell sunglasses are available in different shades of olive, purple, brown, and caramel.

Light Tortoise with Cat-eye Frame

Cat-eye frames are one of the best ways to make a fashion statement with your sunglasses. The cat-eye sunglasses feature round frames that flare out near the temples and are made of high-quality acetate. The style gained considerable popularity in the 1950s and 1960s.

It still boasts a fanatical following among women’s sunglasses enthusiasts with a retro style, though. Cat-eye glass frames tend to be more playful and are more suited to ladies with diamond or square faces.

These types of sunglasses were a popular feminine eyewear style in the mid-20th century because eyewear became more of a fashion element than a medical necessity.

Cat-eye frames will give you an elegant, somewhat exotic look. Most of these frames come with oval lenses with the extended part of the rim drawn out into an outward and upward point.

The extended parts of the rims are often adorned with sophisticated details—metal, coloured plastic, and rhinestone temple enhancements add a touch of opulence to these types of frames. Sculptural effects, such as scalloped edges, fancy bridges, and raised designs, also add a touch of flair to the mix.

You can find light tortoiseshell glasses with cat-eye frames. Light tortoise colour is versatile and gives you a stunning look. It is ideal for a feminine fashion statement.

Polarised Tortoise Sunglasses

The warmth of the sun can be gratifying, but its glare can be blinding and irritating. It is irritating having a bright beam of light hit you directly in the eyes, but it is also potentially dangerous. Light normally scatters, bouncing off an uneven surface at varying angles.

If the surface is smooth, however, as with calm waters, light reflects at a single angle. It may hit your eye in the process, which is known as glare. Today’s eyewear manufacturers modify sunglasses with a technique known as polarization, which minimizes the sun’s glare and enhances vision and safety in the sun.

Polarised sunglasses have a special chemical applied to the surface. It filters out some of the light that passes through the lens. It achieves this effect by creating vertical openings—only light rays that approach your eyes vertically pass through the openings.

None of the horizontal rays that are bouncing off an even or smooth surface will be able to pass through the lenses. The images you see with polarised lenses are somewhat darker compared to ordinary lenses, but objects appear crisper and clearer. It’ll be much easier to see details.

Polarised sunglasses also help to minimize eye strain and fatigue when you’re exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, such as when you’re fishing. People who have outdoor hobbies by the waterside find that polarised glasses drastically lower the glare and improve their vision on the water.

MessyWeekend offers polarised tortoise sunglasses that deliver all the benefits of polarised lenses. It combines the benefits with exceptional style to give you a stunning look. Polarised tortoise sunglasses are also ideal for water sports, hiking, snowboarding, or a day at the beach.

It features flexible and ultra-lightweight frames, FDA-approved impact-resistant lenses, and UV400 protection.

Final Thoughts

Tortoise sunglasses are a timeless fashion accessory. These sunglasses are suitable for adding a touch of glamour to any wardrobe, and the warm colours and beautiful textures work with a wide range of outfits. These glasses feel both classic and contemporary at the same time.

Today’s tortoiseshell sunglasses come in different shades of gold, yellow, green, and brown. They are also available in a range of shapes. Leading brands and designers across the globe also produce different styles and shapes of these stunning fashion choices.

You’ll have an easy time finding a pair that fits your style, whether you want polarised tortoise sunglasses, light tortoise glasses with a cat-eye frame, or a pair of luxury designer tortoise sunglasses. Find it all at MessyWeekend.