Our Square Sunglasses - Retro Shaped Sunglasses

Stepping out in the sun with style means getting a pair of our high-quality, stylish, and affordable sunglasses. At MessyWeekend, we have spent many hours coming up with products that are not only functional but fashionable for modern men and women.

We make our square sunglasses using advanced techniques that ensure we cut costs without compromising on quality. We have shopped around for the best manufacturer in Taiwan while maintaining our design team in Copenhagen.

Not only have we partnered with the best sunglass manufacturer in Taiwan to cut down costs, but we make sure our cost savings go not just to our customers but to a better cause too. When you buy our shades, you support an NGO that cleans trash from beaches. With each purchase, you help remove up to 10kg of plastic waste from the ocean. Your purchase from our company means you will leave the world a better place even as you step out in classy, well-designed goggles.

Our creative team works around the clock to design and optimize our sunglasses. Each piece that leaves the production line is both durable and stylish. Whether you are on official duty or stepping out for fun with a couple of friends, there is something for everyone and every occasion. The UV400 coating protects your eyes from harmful UV light, and the high-quality materials ensure you never have to worry about durability.

Our stylish frames are for all seasons and face types. Our customers love the Hobbes, Brooklyn, Shackleton, Hobbes Revo, and Makalu sunglasses for their practicality and chic design. MessyWeekend's commitment to shipping out top sunglasses is unmatched. We work hard to ensure that when you step out, you go in style. Our shades feature cutting-edge technology when it comes to the quality of our lenses. They have anti-scratch features with high-contrast and clear vision. Something as trivial as glare shouldn't worry you when it comes to our affordable premium goggles.

The brains behind our collection of sunglasses is a robust design team comprising young and talented creatives based in Copenhagen. We have a fun and carefree outlook on life, but we are downright serious when it comes to eyewear. The proof is in our customers' reviews and ratings.

Men’s & Women's Square Sunglasses

MessyWeekend has you covered for both men's and women's square sunglasses. There's an obvious need to keep both you and your partner stylish but different. Our range of men's and women's sunglasses are exquisite with distinct styles for different occasions.

Take advantage of the subtle, see-through, warm colours of the Hobbes men and women sunglasses when you go out partying or skateboarding. They come in different shades to match different outfits and occasions. Alternatively, you can look cool in the matte-finished Brooklyn black piece that has soft touch. They are well-suited for casual events.

The Shackleton is a unisex piece that features a retro design with a roundish and metallic frame that’s nickel and lead-free. It has a distinct warm look when you for the golden lens plus tortoise finish. Another great piece to spice up your casual wear is the Hobbes Revo with a choice of different colours and an elegant see-through frame. The lenses come with full UV400 protection.

Want something simple but elegant? Try the Jack pair. It comes with a simple square design plus a simple but classy frame. The comfortable design means you can wear the shades for long hours without straining. They have huge lenses to give you maximum protection. Jack is one piece you can wear to any occasion without looking out of place. Another simple and elegantly designed piece is the Corey sunglasses with a retro angular design. The coloured frames add a bit of flair to any outfit you wear.

The men's and women's square sunglasses offer a ton of versatility with the different coloured frames and lenses. The designs are both timeless and elegant, and both the young and old find accommodation with MessyWeekend shades. There is no better way to look hip and cool on a budget than getting the best of MessyWeekend sunglasses. Save the environment while looking dapper with your partner in our classy shades.

Polarised Sunglasses

Wondering how to get rid of glare when you are driving, at the beach, or on snow? Polarised sunglasses are the way to go. They not only offer UV400 protection, but they also eliminate sun glare, which can be quite a problem when you are driving. The polarised shades provide unmatched clarity and colour compared to other goggles.

The sunglasses have excellent anti-scratch properties that ensure your lenses remain usable for an extended period. Our technology also ensures your lenses remain fingerprint-free. The colour details and contrast of our polarised eyewear are simply unmatched. Polarised sunglasses are great, especially for people with sensitivity to light. Try our polarised glasses and view the world in great detail without denting your pocket.

MessyWeekend's commitment to quality ensures you have a product that lasts a long time and, at the same time, looks elegant. We use advanced engineering to design beautiful, functional sunglasses of high-quality materials. The frames maximize UV protection from all angles and fit snugly on your face with the lenses covering your field of vision. Check out our premium-quality designs that are both affordable and super-effective.

Are you tired of the same old design that other companies use? Our creative team works hard to ensure our polarised sunglasses meet the expectations of our fashion-conscious clients. Our frames are stylish, and we have different colours of polarised lenses because we understand people have different tastes.

Whether you go for the standard colours or pick from available hues, you are bound to make a statement with our selection of high-quality polarised sunglasses. Our low-cost manufacturing allows us to cut costs without compromising on the quality of our products so you can look fresh on a budget.

If you need stylish square sunglasses that offer excellent UV protection, look no further than our extensive collection of sunglasses. You will find great sunglasses for sale at reasonable prices with ridiculously good customer support services, including by phone, to help you with every purchase.