Silver Ski Goggles & Silver Mirrored Ski Goggles

Get ready for the ski season with our new arrivals – the MessyWeekend silver ski goggles that will keep you skiing safely whatever the light conditions while you’re on the piste.

Our silver mirrored ski goggles enhance the effectiveness of the tinted lenses by reflecting sunlight so that it doesn't penetrate the glass, blinding you in the process. These goggles block excess exterior and blinding light, lowering the VLT of the lens, which makes these goggles an excellent choice for bluebird days.

We draw our design inspiration from the beautiful and sustainable city of Copenhagen, Denmark. The MessyWeekend team is a creative and vibrant bunch — we live for all things eyewear!

Our fun, daring, and fashion-forward life view is informed by our co-founders’ Morten Heick’s and Marc Østerskov's belief in premium-quality eyewear and a genuine sense of adventure.

We love life, we like to ski, and we have strong opinions about high-end yet affordable eyewear, including ski goggles and accessories. This ethos has inspired us to design durable and high-quality eyewear products for our customers.

Enduring Design Meets Affordability

We wanted to make ski goggles affordable for all and sundry. One eyewear retailer dominated the market in Europe until we came along in 2017 and decided to design and manufacture our own high-quality but affordable ski eyewear.

This research connected us to a manufacturing company based in Taiwan, led by our good friend Xin, which ensures that all production costs of our silver ski goggles are kept at a minimum while maintaining impeccable design quality. This prudence has enabled us to halve the average cost of our ski goggles while producing a durable and well-designed piece of kit.

We also work closely with our manufacturer and good friend Xin to make sure production is smooth and that all manufacturing is environmentally friendly and ethical.

Feel good, and more importantly look good, without breaking the bank by choosing to wear our one-of-a-kind ski goggles with anti-glare, silver-mirrored technology.

High-Quality Design But With A Difference

We are a serious company that aims to deliver outstanding ski eyewear and accessories, but we certainly don't take ourselves too seriously. MessyWeekend ski goggles inject fun, fashion, and thrill into your skiing.

We want you to feel fashionable, stand-out, and classy when you put on a pair of our ski goggles. We design our ski goggles to help you enjoy safe and comfortable skiing, as you look good doing it!

MessyWeekend's commitment is to ensure that we deliver to our discerning customers, well-designed and sustainable eyewear, packaged in straightforward communication.

Best Silver Ski Goggles

Get yourself our silver mirrored ski goggles built to improve your vision and keep it crystal clear and free from the sun’s glare.

Ski In Bright Light With Our Silver-Mirror Technology

We have engineered MessyWeekend silver ski goggles to charge through the slopes, however bright the sunlight. We equip these high-tech ski goggles with top of the line, anti-scratch mirror coatings, full UV 400 (UVA + UVB) protection, multiple lens options, and polarised lenses.

We’ve also incorporated into every pair of goggles triple-layer anti-scratch coatings and dual-layer impact resistance for your ultimate safety and comfort on the slopes.

Stick to Float silver ski goggles that give you a high-contrast finish for a classic look. Change things by switching to a green lens and watch your friends turn green with envy.

The colour of the lens determines the amount of light it lets through. That’s why we made it easy to swap out the lenses of our silver ski goggles. Opt for amber, rose, green, or gold, when the weather outside is frightful. Choose darker colours like gray, brown, and copper for days when the weather outside is delightful.

If you’re not sure where to start, that’s fine. We include an extra set of lenses with every purchase so that you’ve got more choice.

Our silver ski goggles use spherical lenses and a silver-mirror coating to cut glare more efficiently. The contrast and coating improve clarity and provide increased definition. Be warned, you’ll never be able to use the excuse, “The sun was in my eyes” again.

Enjoy our Float silver ski goggles that have excellent ventilation to circulate fresh air as you ski. This technology keeps your lens from fogging and clouding your vision in terrible weather. Our tint and mirror technology vary to adapt to the light conditions of the day.

Intuitively Designed Frames

Our silver ski goggles protect your eyes. We precisely tune the lenses to maximise contrast. A lighter-tinted silver ski goggle will suit you on an overcast day without much sunlight. A darker silver mirrored glass would be better on an extremely bright day with bright sunshine and high glare.

Every model we make is smudge-resistant, so there are no messy smudges when you change the lenses out.

MessyWeekend ski eyewear also ensures that your peripheral and downward vision is wide open so that you see any hidden or dangerous obstacles ahead. Additionally, the interchangeable lens system and our free, extra lens included, let you effortlessly adapt to whatever light conditions in the sky.

You can wear the pliable frame with many brands of helmets, so you need not worry about these goggles not fitting. Also, the comfort of the lightweight and flexible frame meets all the stringent ISO regulations in terms of shock-resistance.

All-Day Comfort

The adjustable straps make getting your silver ski goggles to fit you a breeze. The soft lining has moisture-wicking properties to keep you more comfortable. We’ve struck a careful balance between comfort and improving ventilation here.

Those of you that need prescription glasses can breathe a sigh of relief. We considered you when designing our silver ski goggles. The goggles leave enough space for you to wear your glasses underneath them comfortably.

Style And Durability

At MessyWeekend style won't mean much to you or us if your ski eyewear doesn’t deliver. We’ve designed our silver ski goggles to look almost minimalistic in design with the maximum vision range in mind. You’ll see the improvements when you look ahead, down, or to the side.

You get your silver ski goggles in a hard-wearing case. We suggest that you store them as soon as you're finished using them. If the case gets a little dirty, just wipe it out with a damp cloth. If that doesn't shift the dirt, add mild soap or detergent to the water. When the case is clean, let it dry thoroughly.

Get A Pair Of The Best Silver Ski Goggles That Also Give Back

From the start, we wanted to make a real difference. This meant including several functional features in our silver ski goggles design and wrapping them up in an attractive package. Making a real difference meant more than just standing on the sidelines, though.

We also felt the need to make our world a better place. This started with creating a durable product that will last for many years. We furthered the difference we made by committing to cleaning up the oceans as well.

Why is cleaning the oceans a priority? Over the last few years, there’s been quite an outcry about the use of plastic straws. The publicity was good for the environmental cause, but straws are only part of the problem. One-use plastics have become a significant pollution problem in the oceans.

The currents pool discarded plastic into huge clumps. These clumps can extend for miles, cutting off the light and oxygen supply for the denizens of the deep. If we do nothing, the marine biome will be destroyed. This will be catastrophic environmentally and contribute significantly to famine across the globe.

Your Purchase Funds Ocean-Cleaning Efforts

ProArtso is an NGO that works in South America. We felt that they’d be the perfect partner for our social responsibility program. In 2018, our collaboration saw the founding of the Origines project. With every pair of silver ski goggles that you buy, Proartso can fish out 2kg of plastic off the coast of Columbia. That's the equivalent of about 25,000 straws.

Learn more about the essential work that Proartso is doing here.

Our Float silver ski goggle makes you look good while doing good. We only have one planet, and we must all work together to save it. Mars doesn't look all that appealing as a substitute.

Join The MessyWeekend Tribe!

We believe in high-quality, fashion-forward, and affordable eyewear that showcases innovation and functionality. We are a dedicated team of sustainable fashion fanatics that builds on unique design and high performance.

We are a brand that is also committed to giving back to society and the environment. We create awareness of the plastic menace in our oceans and solve this problem at its core, through our affordable and enduring eyewear.

The result is superior and sustainable products with extraordinarily modern and functional designs that enable our customers to feel stylish. Altogether, that's what makes MessyWeekend products so unique.

Get on the sustainable ski eyewear bandwagon and grab your own pair of silver ski goggles. Invite your snow buddies to help you make a difference and look great on the slopes at the same time. Get skiing, look good, and give back to the planet when you join the MessyWeekend tribe!