Polarised Sunglasses for Men

Long gone are the days when sunglasses were just a simple pane of blackened glass. Today, you see glasses with a range of cool features and filters. Polarised sunglasses for men, for example, are a type of glasses coated in a unique film that reduces glare and protects your eyes from sunlight.

Sunglasses are no longer a practical and straightforward tool. They are a stylish way through which men showcase their style and taste. Some men even own multiple pairs to match the right pair of colors with their outfits, mood, and occasion.

Lens technologies are more innovative than ever, and there are different frame styles to match your activity and taste. We use the best polarising efficiency, making the lenses 100% UV protected. All of our frames are lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Not only can you see more clearly through polarised lenses - your eyes are more protected from the UV rays. This type of glasses is an excellent option if you are someone who spends more time outdoors, such as fishermen, athletes, boaters, bikers, golfers, or professional drivers. When doing activities around water or snow, polarised sunglasses will provide extra clarity and improve your vision. This feature also makes them a good choice for people who are sensitive to light and those who have undergone cataract surgery.

In our store, there are a few types of polarised sunglasses for men to choose from, and before you buy, you will want to think about the model you prefer. One of the most common types is 0.75mm polarised lens, which is thin and relatively inexpensive. Another popular type is a 1.1mm polarised lens, which is more expensive but way stronger. If you want your new pair of glasses to last longer, these are the type to buy.

Men’s Polarised Sunglasses

Knowing which sunglass frames are right for you will help you choose a style that complements your style and mood. When it comes to polarised sunglasses for men, in our store, you can find casual sunglasses, sports sunglasses, glacier, and elegant sunglasses.

The casual sunglasses are best for everyday use and recreational activities. These glasses do a great job of protecting your eyes from the sun's rays while you walk through town or drive to work. Our casual sunglasses are not designed to handle the excitement of action sports.

If you consider yourself a sportsperson, we recommend you to consider our sport polarised sunglasses. Designed for various activities such as hiking, biking, and running, our sport sunglasses offer lightweight and are perfect for outdoor adventures.

The lens materials and sturdy frame are more flexible and resistant than casual glasses. All sport sunglasses feature temple ends and grippy nose pads, which is something that helps keep the frames in place, whether you are standing in one place or running around.

The glacier sunglasses are specially designed glasses to protect your eyes from excessive light and sunlight reflecting off water or snow. These glasses feature wrap-around extensions to prevent the light from entering.

For men who are fans of classic style, we recommend you to try our aviator glasses with polarised lenses. For those who are looking for something durable and for everyday use, the wayfarer sunglasses for men is the best choice. They are always on top of function and style and are available in several color options. If you are looking for affordability with options and you are the type of person who spends time around the water, choose the sports men’s sunglasses (Euroman X Mw, for example).

Different men have different styles; however, in the end, it is all about how well protected your eyes are. Ideally, the frame should sit close to the eye to prevent light from entering through the sides. While there are various types of polarised sunglasses, from cheap eyeglasses to designer frames and glasses from popular brands, we tend to design models that will fit every type of man. Whether you are an elegant gentleman or a sports type of person, our glasses will suit you just fine.

In our online store, you can find polarised sunglasses suitable for men and women alike.

All Our Glasses Are UV400

Who doesn't love the feel of a few sun rays kissing your face? We all do. But, we've gotten smarter through time, and we learned that sun protection is essential to protect the skin against sunburn and other reactions. So why we couldn't be more protective of our eyes?

Maybe because we can't see the damage the sun is doing to the yes. The result is quite scary - macular degeneration, cataracts, and eye cancers are a result of being directly exposed to the sun. Even short-term exposure to UV light can cause vision problems. For that reason, it is important always to wear glasses with 100% UV protection when outside.

UV and UV400 offer 100% protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays and can protect your eyes for a lifetime. Instead of buying cheap and low-quality glasses on sale, it is best to choose quality sunglasses that will protect your eyes. Investing in sunglasses that are labeled UV/UV400 ensures that all light rays are blocked out.

We are proud to say that all of our sunglasses are labeled UV400, meaning you won't have to worry about the high risk for UV damage to your eyes.

It is important to know that polarised lenses and UV-protected glasses aren't the same. Polarised lenses don't offer UV protection (unless labeled otherwise). But since UV lenses don't reduce glare, it is best to look for eyewear that is both polarised and provides UV protection. We can meet your needs and offer you our beautiful collection of both polarised sunglasses for men with UV protection.

Another bonus that comes with our UV protected glasses is the blue-right blockage. They look so cool, with a plethora of style choices and colors, you will have no problem wearing them inside while working on your laptop.

Take a look at our variety of sunglasses and find the ones that would best suit your face, needs, and budget!