Low Light Ski Goggles by MessyWeekend

For skiers, flat light can be a nightmare. Flat light compromises visibility, and going down the slopes in such conditions can be challenging and even dangerous.

Our low-light ski goggles have wavelength filtering technology that adds high contrast to a glaringly white plane of vision, allowing you to see better as you ski. These ski goggles for low light also serve as protection for the eyes from the heavy snow blowing around the slopes as you ski.

Innovative Design Meets Affordability

At MessyWeekend, we design our low-light ski goggles in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our team is led by the example of our two dashing leaders – Morten Heick and Marc Østerskov. These two old friends don’t let anything stand in their way.

Morten and Marc were told that it wasn’t possible to create functional, high-quality, designer eyewear at affordable prices. They didn’t accept this. It took a lot of painstaking research, but they finally came up with the perfect design.

Getting someone who shared their values to bring the design to life was a struggle. And then, in 2017, Marc and Morten met Xin. Xin was on board from the start. His team found a way to manufacture the ski goggles to MessyWeekend’s high standards sustainably and ethically at a reasonable rate.

The rest is history. Every skier now has access to the best low-light ski goggles, regardless of their budget.

Quality Design That Stands Out

There’s nothing worse than a company that takes itself too seriously. At MessyWeekend, we focus on producing the best possible product without falling for our own hype. We'll always deliver high-quality products that test the limits and never take our clients for granted.

We genuinely believe that every day should feel like the weekend, and that's why we design for the self-aware ski lover who wants well-designed products that are affordable and accessible. All our designer best ski goggles for low light give you that value for a fair price.

If you’re looking for a throw-away pair of goggles, you’re looking in the wrong place. If you want a durable set of lenses that provide you with outstanding protection, welcome to our tribe.

Best Ski Goggles Low-Light Conditions

Try out the best ski goggles for low-light conditions on the market built to keep your vision crystal clear in the flattest light and whiteout, snowed-out conditions on the slope.

Low-Light, High-Contrast Lenses

MessyWeekend low-light ski goggles enable you to handle every day out on the slopes with full confidence. Let your opponents eat powder as you buzz past them.

What makes these goggles so effective? It's simple, we use nothing but the best. Your lenses are highly scratch resistant. The inside of the lenses is equipped with cutting edge anti-fog technology. The 400-rated UV protection cuts out harmful UVA and UVB radiation. On top of that, we've used polarisation and different coloured lenses to reduce glare.

Do you want even more? Of course, you do. That's why we’ve doubled up on the strength to make our goggles shock-resistant.

Choose our low-light ski goggles with high-contrast XE2 green or silver lens technology and wide anti-slip straps. There's a spectrum of lens colours that work well in flat light.

This low-light ski goggles lens has select lens colours designed to create the greatest amount of high definition contrast for the user while still providing some amount of visible light transmission or VLT.

Our ski goggles for low-light conditions incorporate these lens technologies and work by filtering out specific colours that work against our ability to see. The lenses also bump up the contrast to enhance those hard-to-see details on the slope.

We equip our low-light ski goggles with green or silver lenses, as well as free, extra lenses in all colours. They all function in a variety of light conditions, and particularly in low-light conditions.

The lower the VLT or visible light transmission, the more light from the lens to the eye is blocked. And the higher the VLT, the less light is blocked. For flat light conditions, we recommend that you choose a ski goggle that does not block too much sunlight, and these lenses have, ideally, a 25 percent VLT or higher.



Visible Light Transmission

The higher the percentage, the more light the lens lets through to the eye.

Polarised Silver


Gold Ion


Silver Ion/Dark Smoke


Blue Ion


Green Ion


Red Ion




Flash Blue


Pink Ion






The spherical, high-contrast lenses on our low-light ski goggles also cut glare much more effectively than a standard mirrored glass. This quality improves the overall visual clarity of the slope, providing an increased definition and high contrast—ski without the fear of bumping into dangerous objects in low-light conditions with our high-quality, high-contrast, polarised-lens ski goggles.

Unique Frame Design

All our low-light ski goggles offer unparalleled control of light transmission, resulting in colours that enhance visibility in low-light conditions. The dual-vented lens also provides for maximum ventilation, which limits water vapor from fogging the inside of your glass. All our lens technology is fingerprint free to avoid a messy interchange of lenses should the need arise.

We supply all our ski goggles with a free extra lens. Your new ski eyewear has the build quality to ensure that both your downward and peripheral vision is clear to enable you to spot any dangerous obstacles or challenges ahead in flat light.

The flexible frame design is also pliable and compatible with a wide range of ski helmets. All our frames consist of comfortable materials that still meet all industry standards for impact resistance.

All-Day Comfort

For a comfortable fit, we have included adjustable, anti-slip straps, and a micro-fleece, moisture-wicking lining for enhancing venting. The padding on our ski goggles is also thick enough to cushion your face but not too thick that it promotes fogging.

If you wear prescription glasses, our low-light ski goggles will still fit effortlessly over your eyeglasses. They have enough space to accommodate glasses while avoiding pressure on your face, especially around your temples and nose.

Durability and Style

Float low-light ski goggles deliver on performance as well as style. The clean and eye-catching silhouette and colour-filtering technology in our low-light ski goggles lens enable you to see your path downslope clearly and safely.

All our ski goggles come with a specially woven electrostatic casing for cleaning and storage. This storage accessory helps to preserve the superior optical quality of your Float ski goggles.

Occasionally wipe down the storage case with a mild detergent and air-dry regularly to ensure that your goggles remain in mint condition for years to come.

Ski Goggles For Low Light That Give Back

We wanted MessyWeekend ski goggles to be the industry standard for ski goggles. Our low-light ski goggles with low-light colour filtering technology will keep your vision clear in the lowest and most terrible of light conditions. Our premium-quality ski goggles are also comfortable, anti-fog, anti-glare, lightweight, gaper-gap free, and durable — everything you need for a full day of skiing!

Giving Back By Safeguarding Cleaner Oceans

Getting one of our low-light ski goggles also enables you to contribute to the clean-up of our seas, and the preservation of the environment, and so in 2018, we partnered with the NGO Proartso to found the project Origines.

This environmental initiative aims to clean-up and remove all plastic waste in the ocean off the coast of Colombia. We finance the project by the sales of MessyWeekend eyewear and ski goggles. We focus on the very remote town of Timbiqui, in the middle of the Colombian jungle. Origines gathers and recycles tons of plastic waste at the town’s shores in a comprehensive waste-management plant.

When you buy any eyewear from MessyWeekend, including our pair of low-light ski goggles, some of the revenue goes to finance the plastic clean-up and waste program. With every purchase, you are cleaning up 10kg of plastic from the Pacific Ocean.

In collaboration with the environmental NGO Proartso, we are proud to involve all our customers as equal investors and participants to ensure cleaner oceans for the future of our planet and children to come.

Our Float low-light ski goggle is the ultimate product for those who love to ski! Equip yourself with these specialist ski goggles and enjoy a comfortable day on the slopes, whatever the weather. More importantly, our eyewear is sustainable; as well as being stylish and affordable as you ski, when you purchase a pair of MessyWeekend ski goggles, you’ll be giving back to society and the environment and that way help to secure a cleaner planet.

Join The MessyWeekend Tribe!

MessyWeekend is the brand for ski lovers who have a fun and stylish attitude but who also care for the environment. All our eyewear and ski goggles live up to the free-spirited and go-getter philosophy of eco-friendly fashion.

Our love of skiing and affordable high-end eyewear, as well as our genuine belief in the preservation of the environment, informed our passion and strategy in developing stylish, affordable, and sustainable ski goggles and sunglasses.

These are the values that have made us who we are today.

Join the MessyWeekend style and eco revolution! Get yourself a pair of our high-performance low-light ski goggles that will guarantee you a safe and comfortable ski experience.