Frameless Ski Goggles

uWinter's coming, and you don't want to get caught without your ski goggles while on holiday. MessyWeekend is here to get you ready!

Our frameless Float ski goggles offer avid snowboarders and skiers an unforgettable adventure holiday experience.

MessyWeekend is all about vibrancy, style, and creativity in design. We design frameless ski goggles from our Copenhagen head office. We’re a daring team of innovative and practical trendsetters. A sense of fun and adventure informs the philosophy of our founding members, social entrepreneurs Morten Heick and Marc Østerskov.

We’re passionate about living our best lives. Skiing is a big part of that. We’ve drawn on our experience in the field to reboot ski accessories.

Innovative Design Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Our designs are daring, colourful, wild, and free. We put the design back into designer ski accessories, but we dropped the high prices. We wanted everyone to have the option to buy high-quality, durable, and devastatingly gorgeous ski accessories.

It took us a lot of research to source the right manufacturing partner. We finally found the right manufacturer in Taiwan in 2017. The head of the firm, Xin, saw the potential immediately. He assisted us in keeping the production prices all frameless ski goggles low without compromising the design quality. Thanks to our combined efforts, we’re able to offer accessories that the average skier can afford.

The partnership succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Xin has become a good friend and has the same focus on ethical and environmentally-friendly manufacturing that we do.

MessyWeekend offers outstanding quality, adds innovative design, and throws in great prices for good measure. Our mission is to make skiing more accessible, and we're crushing it.

Why should the fun stop at the weekend? We’re keen advocates for enjoying life, with all its adventurous twists and turns. We hit the slopes every chance we get, and we want you to be able to as well. That’s why we make our accessories so affordable.

High-Quality Style With a Unique Twist

We are serious about delivering good-quality products, but we’re also fun-loving. MessyWeekend is about fun, being daring, and looking great on the snow. You’ll feel completely confident and well-dressed as you practice the coolest sport on the planet!

Life should be more fun, not a chore. You shouldn’t have to slave for hours just to look good on the slopes. Each of our frameless ski goggles is carefully priced to make sure that you get the optimal value.

MessyWeekend cuts through all the blather. Our sportswear is functional and fierce. We'll never try to deceive you with useless features. Finally, we take social responsibility seriously. We support vital charities to protect the environment and improve society.

Best Frameless Ski Goggles

Test drive the best frameless ski goggles, and you’ll see the difference immediately. Our design improves your peripheral vision so that you get the full picture around you. The design makes it easy to change your lenses and fit for your ski helmet.

High-Performance Lenses

Lead the charge with our MessyWeekend frameless ski goggles. The goggles use state-of-the-art technology to improve your ski experience. The lenses are polarised to cut the glare. They incorporate complete UV protection with a rating of 400 and resist scratching beautifully. You’ll have a tough time fogging up these lenses with the anti-fog coating.

Are you worried about slips and slides on the snow? The lenses are reinforced with a double layer of protection to provide optimal impact resistance.

Our Float frameless ski goggles will put the scenery into sharp relief thanks to the high-contrast technology. The adjustable straps are wider than usual for extra comfort and durability. Thanks to our outstanding design, you’ll be able to catch all the admiring looks as you whizz past other skiers.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) refers to how much light the lens lets through. Low light or overcast conditions require higher VLT. On sunnier days, you want to block out more light. When lighting is poor, your lenses must admit as much light as possible.

Rose, amber, green, gold or yellow lenses offer better VLT for dull and dreary weather. Gray, copper, or brown lenses reduce light transmission on bright, sunny days.

Choose between silver or green lenses for your frameless ski goggles. Add in some extra lenses to cover all the other light and weather conditions.

Enjoy clear and crisp vision in flat light or bluebird conditions with our polarised frameless ski goggles whatever the brightness of the day.

Another feature that makes our lenses unique is the convex design. This, in combination with the high-contrast properties, make these lenses the best option on the slopes. Flat mirrored glass cuts some glare. Spherical mirrored glass cuts glare far more efficiently. You get to ski for longer without fear of your eyes getting too tired.

We built Float frameless ski goggles' lenses on decades of colour science research. Ski with confidence wearing our high-end ski goggles. You’ll be ready for whatever the mountain throws at you.

Performance-Based Frameless Design

Our frameless ski goggles are designed to facilitate light transmission optimally. The coloured lenses enhance your ability to see in different lighting conditions. They cut through the glare and sharpen the features of the area, improving your vision.

Our anti-fog coating prevents your lenses from clouding up when conditions get steamy on the slopes. Do you need to change out your lenses because of changing light conditions? Our unique coating resists the oils in your fingers so that you don't have to worry about leaving any evidence.

Does the surface of the glasses seem large to you? It’s meant to be. Many ski goggles focus on your primary vision range. In other words, they assume that you’re always looking straight ahead. This doesn’t leave much room for when you want to glimpse your opponent’s as you shoot past them.

Our innovative design takes peripheral vision into account. We’ve extended the protection further down the face because you need to look down to see what obstacles are in the way. The rimless design helps the glasses sit comfortably on the face without exerting too much pressure.

Our interchangeable lenses make our design even more useful. To help you see the advantage of our unique system, we’ve included an extra set of lenses for you.

The design is pliable to ensure the best possible fit. These lenses will fit well with most ski helmets. They’re stylish, comfortable, and built to take a beating.

All-Day Comfort

Putting goggles on at the start of a run is easy. Keeping them on your face while flying down a hill is less so. That’s why we’ve used fleece-coated silicone straps to keep them firmly in place. The adjustable strap is wide and comfortable. The fleece-lining wicks away moisture and provides extra comfort.

Do you wear prescription lenses? If so, you know the pain of finding goggles that will accommodate your prescription set as well. You can stop looking. Our frameless ski goggles slide over your regular spectacles.

You don’t have to choose between perfect visibility and comfort anymore. Our lenses won’t cause your spectacles to dig into your nose or temples.

Style, Performance, And Durability

Form means nothing if it’s not backed up with functionality, and these Float frameless ski goggles offer performance big time. With a head-turning but straightforward design, and a large visual range, you won’t miss another detail again. Try out this, the ace of ski goggles, and feel the MessyWeekend difference on the piste.

We supply each set with a high-quality case to store the lenses in. The case is made from electrostatic material to protect the coating of the lenses. If there’s a better way to protect our frameless ski goggles, no one’s found it yet.

We recommend that you wipe the case down once in a while with a gentle detergent. Let it air-dry overnight before using it again. Perform this step regularly, and your goggles will stay looking like new.

Get A Pair Of The Best Frameless Ski Goggles That Also Give Back

When we launched the Float frameless ski goggle, we aimed to become the go-to ski goggle for all ski lovers. We wanted this premium-quality frameless ski goggle to be lightweight, anti-fog, comfortable, form-fitting, clear, and strong.

You don’t need anything else when setting out for a good day’s worth of skiing. Except that is, for skis, and winter gear. You get the point – the goggles are a great start to a great day on the snow.

You Get To Give Back By Keeping The Ocean Cleaner

Do you want to smugly boast to your friends about how being stylish saves the oceans? Buy a pair of frameless ski goggles, and you get full bragging rights! Remember when we said that we take our social responsibility seriously?

In 2018 we approached Proartso to form Origines. What does Origines do? Did you know that there is more plastic in the sea than there is fish? We’re heading for a mass extinction if we don’t do something quickly. Origines focuses on sustainable ways to remove plastic from our oceans. The operation currently focuses on Timbiqui in Columbia.

There’s not much in Timbiqui, but the offshore currents drive a lot of plastic onto the beaches. By buying a pair of goggles, you give NGO Proartso enough money to remove 10kg of waste from the ocean.

Do you love adventure? Are you daring? Would you like to develop those qualities? Then the Float ski goggle range might be the perfect match for you. Why not order a pair and see for yourself?

Join The MessyWeekend Tribe

The inspiration behind MessyWeekend was ambitious. We didn’t want to settle for one or two elements, we wanted it all. We wanted daring design, high-fashion style, durability, and sustainability. That wasn’t quite challenging enough, so we added in affordability as well.

If you’re a free spirit with a love of adventure, you’ll love our frameless ski goggles. Become a member of our tribe and amp up the adventure one accessory at a time.

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