Blue Ski Goggles by MessyWeekend

Buy blue ski goggles by MessyWeekend today. Winter is coming! With snow about to fill driveways and walkways, it is safe to say that ski-season is almost here, and you need to make the most out of it!

Getting quality ski goggles, as you might be aware, is no walk in the park. With factors like cost, quality, and usability to keep in mind, finding the right goggles can prove to be a daunting task, especially for first-time buyers.

If you are wondering which goggles to use this winter, look no further than our blue ski goggles. We offer multiple strap styles, and all our lenses feature a moisture-resistant coating, dual-layer impact resistance, and a scratch-proof mirror coating. Our frames have built-in anti-fog ventilation, triple-layer foam, and are built of ultra-durable thermoplastic polyurethane. The lenses are interchangeable—and we include a free yellow lens for overcast snow along with a protective hard case and two carrying pouches.

Above all, though, we design our men's ski goggles with comfort, quality, and affordability in mind. That's why we guarantee all the above. You can return your order free of charge if you're not satisfied for any reason.

Main Features

Anti-Fog Ventilation and Coating System

Nothing is more annoying than having your goggles fog up mid-run—it’s more than just annoying actually. It could lead to falls or serious injuries. That’s why the anti-fog ventilation mechanism in our blue ski goggles ensures that you maintain perfect vision when skiing, regardless of weather conditions.

The coating system is designed to allow easy flow of water to avoid the visual impacts of melting snow or rainfall, meaning you can ski without having to dry up your goggles after every turn.

Dual-Layer Impact Resistant Lenses

Ski goggles aren't just any goggles, and they're a far cry from sunglasses, particularly since they are used for high tempo outdoor activities. Our dual-layer lenses are designed to be impact resistant so that you don’t have to worry about making replacements in the event of breakage or fall-related damage.

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn about skiing, or an expert desperate for a high-octane adventure, we have got you covered. The dual-layer lenses in our blue ski goggles ensure that your goggles remain safe and sturdy in case you fall or make a heavy impact.

Interchangeable Lens System

All our ski goggles come packed with a state-of-the-art interchangeable lens mechanism that allows you to switch up between our various lens options. You don’t have to spend crazy money whenever you want to change your ski goggle lenses. You can change from our blue lens to the yellow lens without having to buy another pair of goggles.

Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane

At MessyWeekend, we pride ourselves on making ski-goggles with the highest-quality and most appropriate materials. We understand that our clients have varying facial structures. Our blue lens ski goggles are made from super flexible, lightweight, and durable thermoplastic polyurethane that ensures a perfect fit.

All the materials used in our blue mirrored ski goggles are designed to allow for both comfort and durability.

Triple-Layer Foam

Our triple-layer foam mechanism offers protection to your face against wind and snow. Skiing out in the mountain tops is not as easy as most tutorials try to insinuate. While you are out there in the deep snow, you need adequate protection, at least from wind and snow.

Most skiing adventures take several hours. It is important to prioritize both safety and comfort. Our triple-layer foam ensures that your face stays fully protected during your time out skiing. You can wear our blue lens ski goggles for hours without having to remove them due to discomfort.

Interchangeable Strap System

Our blue lens ski goggles come with an easily interchangeable strap mechanism to ensure that you can change straps with ease. The ski goggles also boast of a three-lined anti-slip strap made of silicon. Not only does the strap enhance comfort, but its anti-slip design helps you to focus on skiing as opposed to regularly adjusting the goggle straps.

Most skiing accidents occur as a result of misbalance. You need your hands to offer balance and support to your body weight while on snow. The anti-slip strap will eliminate the need to readjust after hard turns, jumps, or anything else you encounter on your trip down the slope.

Helmet-Fitting Dimensions

If you have ever gone on a skiing adventure, then you will agree that good goggles are those that fit your helmet perfectly. At MessyWeekend, we take our time during the manufacturing process to ensure that all our products fit perfectly. A little space between goggles and the helmet can make the ski adventure unbearable, for real!

Our blue mirrored ski lenses have a lens width of 177mm and a lens height of 97 mm. The frame has a width of 180mm, which ensures that your goggles will fit perfectly and leave no space between the helmet and the goggle edges. A little gap can make your skiing adventure less enjoyable as wind and snow will affect your downhill navigation.

Hard Box and Extra Pouches

At MessyWeekend, we don’t just care about supplying quality products but also about the branding and packaging of our products. All our goggles also come with a protective hard box, and two pouches, because, let's face it—ski goggles are not that cheap. You need to take proper care of your ski goggles if you expect to keep them, and we’re here to help with that.

Comfortable Straps

Your strap is as important as your ski goggles. Unlike our competitors who focus on lenses and frames only, we take it a step further by ensuring that all our MessyWeekend-branded straps are made from high-quality material.

We understand that you will probably wear your goggles for hours nonstop while out skiing. That is why all MessyWeekend products come with easy to adjust straps that will help you enjoy your adventure.

Clear Yellow Lens

Did you know that we provide an additional clear yellow lens to help improve your view when skiing on overcast snow? We care about your skiing experience, and as a result, we understand the importance of providing alternative lenses to help improve your vision out in the wild.

The blue mirror lenses, however, are designed for use during both sunny and cloudy weather, meaning it is a convenient option if you want an all-weather ski goggle.

Why Should You Go for the Blue Ski Lenses?


Our prices are among the most competitive in the market. For MessyWeekend, it is not just about making sales—we care more about improving your experience when out skiing. That is why all our products are affordable. Our blue ski goggles are made from high-quality material, but we took the initiative to find ways to lower our cost of production.


Blue ski lenses are all-weather, meaning you can use them when the sun comes out to play during winter, when snow is falling, or even on cloudy afternoons. Our blue ski lenses are among the best when it comes to vision as they are made from high-quality materials like thermoplastic polyurethane, which gives the product an edge over competing products.


Nobody wants to break the bank every winter purchasing ski goggles. With our blue ski goggles, you can rest assured that you won't have to make replacements any time soon. We only use high-quality materials when designing our products to ensure that you don't have to make replacements whenever you fall or make a heavy impact.


Skiing isn’t like riding a bicycle as you will need to jump up and down to navigate the rocky, snow-filled surfaces. To enjoy your time out skiing, you will need to prioritize comfort. Our blue lens goggles are your perfect pick when it comes to comfort. The presence of a triple-layer foam ensures that you don’t get injured in the event of falls.

The triple layer foam also enhances comfort by making it easy for you to wear the goggles for hours nonstop. You no longer have to worry about discomfort whenever you wear your goggles.


Similar to all our products, our blue ski goggles come with a unique, aesthetically appealing design that will make you stand out when out skiing with your friends. The unique shade of blue and tight-fitting design makes our goggles the leading option when it comes to both design and quality.

Blue Ski Goggles in a Nutshell

If you are looking for an all-weather pair of ski goggles, we recommend blue ski goggles. Unlike other mirrored options, blue goggles work well in a wide range of conditions, which cuts down on the gear you need on your trip and the time you spend switching goggles.

Our blue mirrored ski goggles are made from high-quality materials, and even better, by purchasing from us, you will be contributing to environmental conservation as we donate a fraction of our goggle sales to assist in the removal of harmful plastic from our oceans.

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