Euroman x MWArmy



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S3 M1C1,model S3 M1C1,model
  • The Euroman x MessyWeekend cycling sunglasses—made in collaboration with twelve:sixteen. Designed together with the Senior Fashion Editor of leading Danish fashion magazine, Euroman.

    It's the best of both worlds—form and function. We crafted a pair of sunglasses to best fit its usage, utilizing high-quality materials, ensuring that you look your best both on and off your bike. 

     euroman sunglasses measurements



You are cleaning 2KG of plastic from the Pacific Ocean by buying this product.

S3 M1C1 S3 M1C1 S3 M1C1 S3 M1C1 S3 M1C1 S3 M1C1,model S3 M1C1,model
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Euroman x MW - Army
• 1x pair of MessyWeekend sunglasses
• 1x MW box
• 1x microfiber pouch
To clean, use microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lenses and frame.
For tougher spots, use lukewarm water and mild soap.
Euroman x MW - Army