Best 70s Sunglasses from MessyWeekend

Sunglasses took the fashion world by storm back in the 1970s, and they still are all the rage. Of course, sunglasses were not new among the fashion-conscious population. Shaded lenses had a place before the '70s.

Take a look at any old photo of the sixties, and one thing you might notice is the unappealing design of the sunglasses. Design-wise, vintage eyeglasses cut across the spectrum from unflattering to outright ugly. Much of the eyewear had horn rims or thick black frames.

The '70s brought some remarkable changes to eyewear. John Lennon introduced a new perspective to a dull trend with his black rim spectacles and his famous trademark of the round frame.

Initially, many of the lenses of '70s sunglasses used the traditional dark green color, but this was due to change. Soon, the glasses started being available in a variety of colored lenses, including purple, pink, and orange. Some even came in rainbow-hued lenses.

Looking at the rims, you'd notice a departure from the ubiquitous dark rims to generally gold or silver-toned rims. But one could still get rims of a different color.

It wasn't just the rims and the lenses that changed, but the size of the sunglasses experienced a significant boost. Oversized/giant sunglasses soon replaced the small, round glasses.

Giant sunglasses became so popular that later in the 1970s, they started coming in different shapes and sizes. Some were round, but the most popular form looked almost like a square.

Eyewear of the 1970s could, at times, be over-the-top and gaudy, but this was more of a reaction to the plain and somewhat dull look of the previous years.

Sunglasses of the seventies were fashionable. Folks at that time knew how to look stylish and chic all the time. Almost every "groovy'' person had a few pairs of sunglasses, and many people had numerous pairs in different colors that matched.

What's even more interesting about men/women in that historical period is that they didn't have to wait till they were out in the blazing sun to wear sunglasses. Instead, folks wore them all the time, even indoors.

Fast-forward to the 2020s. You certainly must have noticed the resurgence of interest in vintage sunglasses. The reason is simple: That generation of sunglasses is immensely appealing and resonates with the current fashion-conscious generation.

So what are some of the 70s sunglasses that can take you back in time and give you that super-cool feel of yesteryears?

Retro Glasses Styled like the 1970s

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