Our interview with an expert: Finding the best ski goggles

Wed, Jan 08, 2020

Ski goggles

Finding the perfect ski goggles can be tricky, different designs, styles, sizes and lens colour do not necessarily make it easier. Good ski goggles make the experience though and therefor it is important to read up on it. But don't you worry, we got you covered!

We had the possibility to interview an expert on that topic, Roddy Willis, a skiing instructor and coach with a lifetime of skiing experience. We asked him for advice, tips and tricks on how to find the perfect and best ski goggles. Read here what he has to say! 

Tips and Tricks on how to find the best ski goggles for yourself

Hi Roddy! It is great to talk to you. Please introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do? 

I am Roddy Willis, a lifelong ski addict, a lover of a small mollusc, hippy at heart and a private independent ski instructor based in Verbier Switzerland. I coach and teach all levels of skiers from beginner, expert and ski instructors.

What is the most important thing about ski goggles? 

Ski goggles need to function well in all conditions, whether it is a clear blue bird powder day or a day when the weather gods are treating you to some real mountain weather! I like to have one pair of goggles that does everything, so I don’t need to change goggles when the light or weather changes.

Any tips on finding the perfect ski goggles

Try them on with your ski helmet. It is also good to go outside and test the goggles and be sure the lens colour works for your eyes. Make sure the goggles fit closely and nod not let any air and snow come on the inside whilst skiing. And most importantly be sure the goggles offer great protection from sunlight at altitude. I also always look on wethrift for the best offers.

Do good ski goggles have to be expensive?

A good pair of ski goggles does not need to be expensive. There are some brands charging big prices for goggles and the quality isn’t better than my FLOAT goggles from Messy Weekend – you’re just paying for the massive marketing machine and branding! Save your cash and spend it on a skiing adventure! And help clean up the ocean with Messy Weekend.

Ski instructor in Verbier

How often would you recommend changing your gear? 

It’s good to have a couple of pairs of goggles. I like to give my goggles a rest and wear different pairs alternately. If the coatings get scratched it is good to replace the lens or the goggles.

What is the difference between the lens colours and which lens colour would you recommend to hobby skiers? 

I’ve found that some people like a yellow lens in flat light conditions and some people like a pink lens. The great thing about my new Float goggles is that they come with two lenses, one for flat light and one for full sunshine. Double whammy specials! I love them.

Do you have a favourite place to Ski? Where is it? 

Verbier has long been my favourite place to ski. It is still a real skier’s resort, with easily accessed wild mountain terrain that is raw ungroomed mountain that is always presenting new skiing challenges. Verbier is a great place to take your skiing to the next level!

What is the best thing about skiing for you? 

I once tried an office job in the real world… but I quickly realised the traditional career path was not for me! Skiing is a lifestyle / career choice. It’s not about the $$$’s it’s about being a Smillionaire😊.

We really enjoyed talking to Roddy and get some tips from an expert point of view! Read more about the MessyWeekend model he uses.