How to adjust acetate (sun)glasses

Fri, May 22, 2020

Did you know that most acetate sunglasses widen or loosen over time? That’s likely why they keep annoyingly sliding down your nose.

We’ve got a quick and easy hack to fix that so they fit you just right – no tools or professional help required. And don’t worry, our lifelong acetate guarantee means you can do this stress free. So long as you follow these steps, they won't break.
Adjust your acetate in 3 simple steps:

⁠Step 1.
🤏 Warm up the acetate first by rubbing the temples (that’s the arms) between your fingers – the heat from your hands will make the acetate malleable so it doesn't snap. 
Where on the temples? It's best to do it at the ends where the temples bend.

Step 2.
↩️ Gently bend the temples inwards for a tighter fit. Adjust as needed.
Step 3.
⤵️ Bend the temple ends downwards, so they snuggly hook around your ears.

Easy as that!
And if you're still in doubt, check out our handy video below.

Which models can I do this on?

It's very important to note that this is ONLY possible on our acetate models. You will not be able to do the same thing with our injection and metal models. If you're still in doubt or unsure about doing this yourself, you can easily take your frames to your local opticians – most will offer this service for free. Or write to us at, of course! We're always happy to help 😎